How Pentatonix's Biggest Holiday Tour to Date Is Bringing Joy to Families

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, Pentatonix members Scott Hoying and Kirstin Maldonado teased what fans of all ages can expect when they celebrate the season with the beloved a capella group.

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The best way to spread holiday cheer may just be singing Pentatonix loud for all to hear.

Close to a month after releasing their sixth holiday album, Evergreen, the a cappella group is back on the road performing festive songs for another holiday tour. From Nov. 27 to Dec. 23, Scott Hoying, Mitch GrassiKirstin MaldonadoKevin Olusola and Matt Sallee will sing your favorite hits for the season in venues across the country.

"It's one of our biggest shows we've ever done," Scott teased to E! News. "It's our longest Christmas setlist and we do all the big powerful ballads and then we also have a lot of fun doing classic Christmas moments. It's going to be a lot of fun."

Stars Reveal Their Favorite Holiday Music

After kicking things off in Baltimore, Md. and Pittsburg, Pa., the group has witnessed everyone from couples enjoying date nights to families reuniting in the audience. And after the coronavirus pandemic put a pause on live concerts, Pentatonix is thrilled to deliver a special show for fans of all ages.

Luke Fontana

"We know everyone has had a really rough couple of years and all we hope is that we can bring people joy, happiness and escape from whatever they're going through," Scott shared. "They can sing along, dance along and I know we're going to be up there, having the best time being reunited." 

Kirstin added, "I hope that it's a special moment for families to really come together and go out to an event and spend time together because so many people have been separated."

Get a sneak peek of the Evergreen Christmas tour below and find out when they are coming to your town.

Joy to the Arena

As Pentatonix's Evergreen Christmas tour takes off, the group is giving E! News an exclusive backstage pass to all the fun. "We started out just doing it for fun as friends," Scott Hoying told E! News. "We were just choir nerds. It was weird that just one thing after another kept happening and ironically, I think because we just did it as friends, it came across so organic and amazing and I feel like still we're living this dream."

Fun With Fashion

"We have an amazing stylist named Candice Lambert and she kind of helped put everything together and she's really good about letting us all shine in our own individual styles, but also keeping it pretty seamless," Kirstin Maldonado told E! News. "I love the tour outfits!"

The Stars Are Brightly Shining

"I love the Christmas shows because we do get to wear more gowns, we get to dress a little more elegant and I think for this particular tour, we've had brief conversations about kind of making it maybe feel retro at times," Scott teased to E! News. "Maybe some '70s looks." 

Backstage Bonding

"We'll also find any fun thing that we can do at each venue," Scott explained. "If they have a ping-pong table. we're having a full-on ping-pong tournament. If they have a little arcade machine, we'll spend time with that. It feels like a summer camp where we just do whatever we're feeling in the moment and we laugh, we hang out, we try to soak in the fact that we're living this dream life." 

All Are Welcome

"I think that this show is for everyone," Scott said. "We have moments that are for kids. It is very warm and fuzzy feelings. It's great for families. It's also great for a date night. I've always been really proud being in Pentatonix because of the multigenerational pull that we have at shows." 


"We always love seeing families anyway at any of our shows, but I feel like this year in particular is going to be really, really beautiful," Kirstin told E! News. "So we hope we can make everyone happy." 

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And mark your calendars for Pentatonix: The Evergreen Experience, a full-length streamed concert via Moment House available on Dec. 19. 

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