LILHUDDY Shares Look Inside the Making of The Teenage Heartbreak Experience

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, LILHUDDY teased a unique concert experience that will prove he’s more than just a popular TikTok star.

By Mike Vulpo Dec 03, 2021 2:00 PMTags
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LILHUDDY has something big up his sleeves.

While some fans may know the 19-year-old Hype House co-founder as one of the biggest TikTok stars online, the California resident (whose real name is Chase Hudson) has earned the title of rock star thanks to his debut album Teenage Heartbreak.

This weekend, LILHUDDY will team up with Moment House for a worldwide digital performance titled The Teenage Heartbreak Experience. The unique concert, available to stream online, will allow both old and new fans to see the artist in a whole new way.

TikTok's Highest-Earning Creators

"I wanted to give people a virtual concert experience that wasn't just all shot in one place," he exclusively shared with E! News. "I wanted to buy out a studio where I could build a bunch of sets and capture all the different tastes and flavors that you can get from my album within those different spots."

David Avalos

While LILHUDDY and his team were able to film the performance in one day, the project took weeks of planning and is more than just music.

"I hope each person that watches takes away something," he explained. "We have some unreleased studio footage that we shot. We have a bunch of interview footage, which leads into one song from another. I think people are going to take lots of my relationship advice as well." 

LILHUDDY was previously linked to fellow TikTok star Charli D'Amelio. The exes-turned-friends most recently celebrated Halloween together with an assortment of must-see costumes.

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

Before anyone makes assumptions that LILHUDDY is just another TikTok star trying to move into the music space, he wants to remind fans that multiple artists have started online.

David Avalos

"As much as people think that starting out on social media is a bad rep, it's really not," he shared. "If you think I'm super weird for making music, I understand that and you can continue playing whatever it is that you enjoy." 

But with 11.9 million followers on Instagram and another 32 million on TikTok, LILHUDDY may just be getting started.

"If this has all kind of happened in one year, I can't imagine what's going to happen by the time I'm 22 or 21," he said. "Time feels so endless at this young age and I've got years and years of hard work and dedication ahead of me and I can't wait for all of them."

Keep scrolling for more previews of The Teenage Heartbreak Experience before it premieres Dec. 5 at 6 p.m. PST in North America. 

Big Debut

After weeks of planning, LILHUDDY is excited for fans all around the world to watch his virtual concert event on Dec. 5. "That's all I really wanted was to get out there and perform and show people really what I'm capable of," he told E! News. "This is maybe the first time I've given people the whole album from me as a recorded concert that people can watch." 

Nice to Meet You

Fans also have the opportunity to spend one minute with LILHUDDY during a virtual meet and greet session. "I want to be able to interact with my fans in any way, shape or form that I can," he said. "It's something I can do that's personal and gives each of them a little bit of time with me to ask any sort of questions that they've always wanted to ask or see me face to face." 

All Dressed Up

For the concert event, LILHUDDY teamed up with his stylist Marta Del Rio for a variety of epic looks. "A lot of people have people trying to take down others' style or look at what they wear and judge it," he explained. "We've come to the point in time where people should be able to feel free to wear whatever they want."

Fashion Forward

"If you think what you're doing or what you're wearing or how you did your hair or how you did your nails is cool, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks," LILHUDDY proclaimed. "In high school, I got picked on for wearing all sorts of different things. At a point, I had it with everybody and everything they had to say. I was fed up with it. And at a point, I stopped caring." 

Meet His Mentor

One rock star that has made a huge positive impact on LILHUDDY is Travis Barker. "Travis and I have been able to build a relationship and a friendship ever since the first day I met him," the TikTok star told E! News. "He was always a very smart, friendly and work-driven guy. I met him first on set of 'Downfall's High.' Being on that set really changed perspectives for me." 

Future Dreams

"I will say if I talk to you again in maybe two, three years, I hope to be talking to you when I'm in my prime," LILHUDDY told E! News. "In three years, I might hit my prime. I think I'm actually at a very steady, strong starting point. I'm really happy for where I'm at today and in a few years, I'm going to be a superstar. In three years, Chase Hudson is going to be a name on the f--king map. There's nothing anyone can do to stop it."  

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