Blink & You’ll Miss That Cousin Skeeter Reunion in the New Harlem Trailer

Amazon just dropped a teaser for the new series Harlem, and a surprise Cousin Skeeter reunion will have you dancing for joy. Check out all the details here.

By ElizaBeth Taylor Nov 03, 2021 7:40 PMTags
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It looks like Nina and Bobby from Cousin Skeeter are all grown up.

In the Amazon Prime teaser for new series Harlem, watch closely and you'll see a surprise reunion between with the stars of the Nickelodeon children's sitcom, which originally aired from 1998 to 2001.

Meagan Goodwho played Nina on Cousin Skeeter and stars as lead character in Camille in Harlem is out with her gal pals at a male strip club in the trailer. The fun in the club gets even wilder when viewers see that one of the dancers is Robert Ri'chard, who played Bobby on the Nickelodeon show. We always knew Bobby and Nina got along as friends in the past, but this takes the closeness to a whole new level. 

In a not-so-G-rated moment, Camille turns to the woman and states with delight, "Let's loosen up and have some fun, hos!"

Richard—dressed in, well, pretty much nothing—grabs a seated Camille in a chair and pulls her close to his bare chested body. And the rest is left up to your imagination.

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Girls Trip writer Tracey Oliver created the new comedy which follows a group of ambitious best girlfriends in New York City as they navigate the mecca of Black culture in America.

The series stars Meagan, Grace Byers, Shoniqua Shandai, Jerrie Johnson, and Tyler Lepley. Additional guest stars include Whoopi Goldberg and Jasmine Guy.

"A strong Black woman is resilient, independent and capable," the voice-over states in the trailer. "In 21st century Harlem, we sisters can be fierce, be in charge, call the shots, get what we want."

It certainly seems that Meagan gets what her character wants and more. 

Harlem premieres on Amazon Prime Video Dec. 3.

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