Why Natti Natasha Redefines the "American Dream" for Her Daughter

Hear singer Natti Natasha's advice to her daughter Vida in E!'s Ones to Watch series. Plus, find out why the artist is especially proud to be Dominican during Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Not such an "Impossible Amor." 

Singer Natti Natasha is on a mission to redefine the American Dream for her daughter Vida, born May 22. The "All About Me" artist called being Dominican a "synonym of happiness, of love, of showing the world that we can make anything happen," during E!'s Ones to Watch video series on Oct. 15 in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

"I want my daughter to learn everything about my culture, her culture," Natasha exclusively gushed to E! News. "I want her to see how happy we are. I want her to see that nothing puts us down, that when we fall, we get back up. That we can leave our country to fight for what we want, but we never stop loving our country and we go back prouder than ever."

Natasha added, "At the end of the day, in the future she's going to say, 'Well, my mom did it, so I can do it.'" 

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From collaborating with her "homegirl" Becky G and Maluma to performing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon a week before giving birth, Natasha proudly takes the reins in her career. 

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"When I got pregnant, it was a crucial moment because I'm like, 'I don't know if people are going to accept that I'm doing this full reggaeton hardcore album,'" Natasha reflected. "And then I'm like, 'Well, this is the moment for me to show girls out there and women that you can be happy in every aspect.' I don't have to stop being Natti Natasha to become a mom. I feel like that's the best example you can take out there. You don't have to let your dreams on the side just to be happy and have a family."

In fact, Natasha never wanted to achieve the American Dream.

"I wanted to make the Dominican Dream, the Latino Dream, to just be able to be successful, to be able to be a part of everything that was going on in the world," she stated.

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Natasha noted, "I feel like that's how we're really supposed to say it: We want to make our Latino dream come true. That's what we really want. We want to be able to go back to our country and be able to enjoy it, be able to survive, because we know that it's very hard in our countries."

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The beauty mogul concluded, "If you work for that small thing so hard, you get to conquer that and then the next step and the next step. You have to enjoy the process. And at the end of the day, you're going to make it happen." 

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