You Need to See the $25,000 Birthday Gift Kim Kardashian Gave Her BFF Stephanie Shepherd

For her BFF Stephanie Shepherd’s birthday, Kim Kardashian spared no expense to make her friend happy in celebration of her big day. See the gift from the KKW Beauty founder that keeps on giving.

By Kisha Forde Sep 21, 2021 4:46 PMTags
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This cute little bag comes with a hefty price tag.
Kim Kardashian's friend and former assistant, Stephanie Shepherd, rang in her 32nd birthday last week and got one lavish gift, courtesy of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. In a video later shared to her Instagram Stories on Sept. 19, Stephanie got emotional as she unwrapped an Hermès Kelly bag.
"This is so crazy," Stephanie is heard saying after opening her high-end present, while Kim replied jokingly, "Don't cry, don't cry! Just wear it in good health," before giving her BFF a hug. Kelly bags are notoriously hard to get, and when you find one, the price is steep. A brand-new Hermès Kelly Sellier Noir Black Epsom just like Stephanie's is currently up for grabs on Ebay for a whopping $25,000.
KUWTK viewers were first introduced to Stephanie as Kim's assistant—who just a few years ago, transitioned into becoming the COO of the Kardashian West brands. However, in 2017, the two decided to part ways professionally (as also documented on the show) but remained united on the friendship front.

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The duo even set the record straight in a video posted to Kim's app in August 2018 after rumors were sparked that the two had ended their relationship on a bad note.

"You guys, we've never had a feud," Kim said. "[Stephanie] wanted to go in a different direction. I respect that. I love giving that encouragement to whoever I'm working with. People just took it—just because people stop working together doesn't mean that they're feuding and stop being friends."

And nothing says friends forever quite like a little Hermès, are we right?

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