Below Deck's Captain Lee Shares Details About His Season 9 Absence

What would Below Deck be without fearless leader Captain Lee Rosbach? The beloved Bravo star clarified the "condition" behind his season nine absence and what it was like returning onboard.

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 24, 2021 2:00 PMTags
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Below Deck-ers can relax: Captain Lee Rosbach is back (eventually)!

The shocking season nine trailer teased a new captain causing some waves aboard superyacht My Seanna after leaving the port of St. Kitts without beloved Captain Lee. But Captain Lee promises he won't leave his wheel un-helmed for long when season nine premieres.

"I am much better," he exclusively confirmed to E! News following a "condition" that led to his brief absence. "The timing was mainly screwed up. Because we have such a tight shooting schedule, it was imperative that the guests' charters start and end on time so it didn't have a domino effect and impact every charter after that." 

Captain Lee confirmed that his condition "was not related to COVID at all." In fact, Captain Lee couldn't wait to get back onboard. 

"It was a totally unique year," he reflected. "It's unlike any other season that we've had, and I really enjoyed it." 

Below Deck Season 9 Cast Photos

He continued, "There was just a lot of different things this year, because of the circumstances in which we had to film. A lot of things that we're used to doing, we couldn't do because we had to stay within the confines of our bubble because of COVID, so we had to improvise in some situations, which is not a bad thing. Sometimes you can improvise and get extremely creative, which I like to think we're pretty good at."

Laurent Basset/Bravo

But, in the midst of it all, Captain Lee found it best to be back home on the waves.

"It really felt good to get back on the water," he gushed. "When I finally got onboard, I was the happiest guy in the world."

Watch Captain Lee's big return during the highly-anticipated new season of the Emmy-nominated Bravo show!

Below Deck season nine premieres on Monday, Oct. 25 and streams the next day on Peacock

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Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Sean Meagher
Eddie Lucas (First Officer)
Heather Chase (Chief Stew)
Fraser Olender (Stew)
Jake Foulger (Deckhand)
Wes O'Dell (Deckhand)
Rachel Hargrove (Chef)
Jessica Albert (Stew)
Rayna Lindsey (Deckhand)
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