All Aboard! Meet the Cast (and New Captain!) of Below Deck Season 9

Bravo's hit reality series returns for season nine with new yachties and a new Captain stepping in for Lee Rosbach. Get to know the new Below Deck crew ahead of the Oct. 25 premiere.

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 19, 2021 5:00 PMTags
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They're going to need a bigger boat for all this drama.

Bravo's Emmy-nominated yachting series Below Deck is back for season nine with even choppier waters among the crew as the cast sets sail on the Caribbean. E! News can exclusively reveal the new cast photos for the beloved nautical reality show, which returns Monday, Oct. 25 and streams the next day on Peacock

Superyacht My Seanna has anchor's away on the picturesque waters of St. Kitts, with returning cast member Eddie Lucas flexing his leadership skills as first officer and chef Rachel Hargrove working to redeem herself from a memorably dramatic charter last season. Will Rachel and Eddie put their differences aside for the sake of five-star service?

New yachties include chief stewardess Heather Chase, stews Jessica Albert and Fraser Olender and deckhands Jake FoulgerRayna Lindsay and Wes O'Dell. Plus, after an unexpected delay leaves Captain Lee stuck on land, new Captain Sean Meagher takes over with a "hands-on" management approach. 

Wildest Guests on Below Deck

"We're leaving the dock with a new captain, new crew, tensions are high," Eddie explains in the just-released trailer. 

From "boat-mances" to cleaning dildos and new crew alliances, this Below Deck gang promise even choppier waves ahead.

You have to sea the drama for yourself in the teaser above and get to know the crew with the exclusive images below.

Below Deck season nine premieres Monday, Oct. 25 at 9 p.m. on Bravo. Catch up on the first seven seasons of Below Deck streaming now on Peacock, with season eight launching on the platform on Sept. 25.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Sean Meagher
Eddie Lucas (First Officer)
Heather Chase (Chief Stew)
Fraser Olender (Stew)
Jake Foulger (Deckhand)
Wes O'Dell (Deckhand)
Rachel Hargrove (Chef)
Jessica Albert (Stew)
Rayna Lindsey (Deckhand)
Peacock is live now! Check out NBCU's streaming service here.