Ryan Reynolds Credits Blake Lively for Coming Up With Free Guy's Major Celeb Cameo

Ryan Reynolds says it was actually wife Blake Lively that came up with that jaw-dropping Marvel cameo. He gushed that she was "essential in every part" of supporting the movie behind the scenes.

By Lindsay Weinberg Aug 16, 2021 11:33 PMTags
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Ryan Reynolds may have been the player, but Blake Lively held the controller. 

In the same vein, the Deadpool actor revealed that—although he was the star and producer of Free Guy—his wife of nearly 10 years was the brains behind the operation. 

He gave Blake allll the credit for thinking up one of the best scenes of the original video game film. How? It seems she's a little-known fan of Chris Evans

When Free Guy came out on Friday, viewers were delighted to see Chris make a surprise appearance onscreen, after Ryan's character Guy fights his way through the finale with Captain America's shield. The movie then cuts to Chris in a coffeeshop, watching the whole thing go down. He spits out his drink and says, "What the s--t?!" per WIRED, which interviewed Ryan about the cameo from the longtime Marvel actor. 

"He was in Boston and I texted him," Ryan recalled. "And being the complete gentleman and stud that he is, he just got in his car, came down, and we had him in and out in under seven minutes."

Blake Lively Through the Years

But now Ryan is revealing that it wasn't his idea to begin with. The father of three shared a tribute on his Instagram Story, which showed him embracing his wife, Blake. "Free Guy wouldn't be the movie it is without @blakelively," he wrote. "She was essential in every part of the making of this film, creatively and emotionally."

Ryan added, "The cameo everyone is talking about was entirely her idea. #WorkWife." 

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He didn't mention Chris by name—and the movie includes plenty of surprising Easter Eggs—but fans put two and two together that Blake was likely the genius behind the Captain America moment. 

Ryan admitted just two weeks ago that the Gossip Girl alum has helped him improve several scripts he's worked on in the past, saying she often doesn't get credit for her brilliant contributions.

"There are a lot of A++ writing that I've done that was actually Blake," he said on SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show. "Blake would jump in, grab the keyboard and [say], 'What about this?' And I'd be like, ‘That's incredible.'" 

He said there's an "inherent sexism" in Hollywood that makes people doubt or minimize her involvement, but he's making sure she gets credit where credit is due.

"She's a really talented, multihyphenate kind of person in this weird... entertainment industry that we work in," he shared. "She's helped me so much in Deadpool, all kinds of movies that have been big successes."

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Free Guy is now in theaters.