See the FBoy Island Ladies Confront Sarah's "Lying Boyfriend" in a Hilarious Sneak Peek

There's no way he's a Nice Guy, right? HBO Max's FBoy Island keeps us guessing as Sarah confronts contestant Garrett after a rocky elimination ceremony. See why CJ says he's definitely "lying."

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 04, 2021 5:00 PMTags

This FBoy needs to be F-ing gone. 

An exclusive sneak peek at tomorrow's new FBOY Islandairing Aug. 5, teases more Garrett drama (insert eye-roll) that the leading ladies CJNakia and Sarah easily see through. Presumed FBoy Garrett attempts to explain what fellow contestant Matt actually meant when he alleged that Garrett has a girlfriend back home. And no, we're still not convinced that Garrett is on the beach for the "right reasons." 

"I mean for me, I'm just getting annoyed and irritated," Nakia sighs to CJ following the tumultuous elimination ceremony. 

CJ spots Garrett on the beach. "Speaking of annoyed and irritated, get over here!" she shouts to him. 

Garrett immediately asks where Sarah is, but CJ shuts him down. "She's not worried about where you are," the model claps back.

Garrett even cowers as he jokes that it's "intimidating" to be in front of Nakia and CJ since they clearly don't have time for any of his man-child ways.

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"I was so, like, appalled by your response," Nakia says to Garrett. "I feel like it was an awful response. I feel like Sarah deserved a better response." 

Finally, Sarah appears on the beach. "Sarah, your lying boyfriend is here!" CJ quips to announce Garrett's presence. 

At last, Garrett gets his one-on-one time with Sarah, but the content manager quickly calls him out on his behavior. "After last night's elimination, he made an absolute fool of himself so I'm surprised he's showing his face around here," she tells the camera, before Garrett apologizes. 


"Wow, I have never been so excited, ashamed, embarrassed and nervous to see you," he explains. "How are you feeling?" 

But Sarah's FBoy radar is spiking. "I just want to know what your explanation is," she states. "I think that last night your explanation didn't cut it for me." 

And what does Garrett do? Kind of quote Michelle Obama.

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"It's definitely a lot to take in when the person who is also competing for you, just as they are getting eliminated, they took a low blow," Garrett starts. "There's a high road and low road that you can take. I feel like he definitely took..." 

Sarah rightfully stops Garrett's deflection. "I don't want you to talk about Matt," she interrupts. "I want you to talk about the issue at hand. Do you have a girlfriend back home?" 

Is cheating a cornerstone of FBoy-ery? 

Watch the clip above to decide for yourself if Garrett can be trusted, or should be kicked to the curb. 

FBOY Island, which broke records at HBO Max with its biggest reality series premiere ever, airs on Thursdays on HBO Max.

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