Here's How FBOY Island Changed Host Nikki Glaser's Life

Comedian Nikki Glaser revealed how HBO Max's reality dating series FBOY Island deeply affected her, why she felt an "instant kinship" with the cast and how she's changed her approach to dating.

By Samantha Bergeson Jul 29, 2021 3:00 PMTags
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Who would have thought that the right FBoy would be life-changing? Well, perhaps FBOY Island host Nikki Glaser

The comedian was whisked off to the Cayman Islands for a "life-changing" opportunity after receiving a phone call from long-time friend and former The Bachelor producer Elan Gale. "I said yes immediately," Nikki seemingly joked in an official show description. "Then I realized they weren't asking me to be one of the girls looking for love. That is not a joke; it was embarrassing." 

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Nikki stood by her statement—and no, she wasn't kidding. "I was not joking," Nikki confessed. "Because Elan is a friend of mine, he knows that I've been gunning for The Bachelorette but not really putting it out there because I'm scared that they're going to be like, 'No.' But I'm so scared of rejection, I protect my ego, but also, please ABC!" 

FBOY Island was instead the perfect fit for Nikki as a host. "There was mutual wanting of each other, which is so rare in this business," Nikki reflected. "How cool is that? It feels like the kind of never thing that happens to me romantically. I'm really happy that the show ended up there and involved people like Love Is Blind showrunner Sam Dean and Bill Dixon. It was in great hands. I got to help shape this world. I almost cried."

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Her "cushy" job came with a full glam squad and stunning outfits, plus landed Nikki the perfect platform for her famous one-liners like, "Do nice guys always have to finish last, and do FBoys always have to finish on our face?"

Nikki is also an executive producer of the series that follows three leading ladies Nakia Renee, CJ Franco and Sarah Emig as they sort through 24 men to sniff out the FBoys from the Nice Guys.


"You are either a FBoy or a Nice Guy," Nikki summed up. "There's no grey area." 

And Nikki realized that she was even personally more drawn to the FBoys than the Nice Guys.

"I'm either blinded by thinking they're hot, or he seems nice, he's nice to me," Nikki explained. "I was trying to stay abreast with what was going on with the guys, and some really irritated me, and some I thought I probably, in retrospect, should have worried about but I was like, 'They're fine. They apologized!' I believed their bulls––t as someone who knew that they were trouble."

Nikki was even surprised by some of the FBoy reveals. "In the end, I learned that some of what I witnessed was complete bulls––t," she continued. "I couldn't believe that I could be tricked like that, as someone who was watching from the outside and knew what the game was. I became part of the show in the sense like the moment you see me go like wow, those were real moments of shock. I kind of went through a rollercoaster of emotions, feeling deceived and angry and betrayed. It was just confirmation that I'm not as smart as I think." 

The Nikki Glaser Podcast host immediately applied what she learned into her own dating life...even sending texts to some of her own FBoy partners while filming the series. "It's about who you trust and knowing what you deserve," Nikki opened up. "I went on a journey that I never expected."

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As for the trio of FBOY Island leads? 

Content creator CJ is "suspicious" of every man, even the Nice Guys, since $100,000 is on the line. "Did someone do the math wrong?" she joked in the first episode of the supposed 50/50 split. 

"FBoy scarred" stylist Nakia agreed: "All guys are FBoys until they prove themselves not to be." Amen to that!

As for Nikki, she felt an "instant kinship" with her co-stars, so much so that she's hoping they visit her on tour starting July 30. "All of them have kept in touch," she confirmed. "I'm friends with all of them." And yes, even some of the rehabilitated FBoys! 

"People on reality TV, I relate to them," Nikki noted. "Reality stars really are brave and put themselves out there that a lot of people wouldn't. They're very similar to comics that way."


She already has her beach bag packed for season two! 

"I will be crushed if the show that changed my life wants someone else [to host]," Nikki concluded. "So far I'm really glad that people are having the responses that they're having. It was the best time in my life and I miss it so much." 

Strap in for FBOY Island to see Nikki be the dating guru and BFF of our dreams! 

FBOY Island premieres today, July 29 on HBO Max.