Shawn Mendes Hilariously Calls Out Camila Cabello Over Farting Video

Camila Cabello created a TikTok dedicated to that special honeymoon phase of dating, but boyfriend Shawn Mendes noticed a little—let’s just say, discrepancy with the video.

By Kisha Forde Jul 29, 2021 11:57 AMTags
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My oh my!
Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are proving that the couple that trolls together, stays together—or at least, that's how the saying should go, according to the "Havana" singer's latest TikTok.
In the video shared to Instagram on July 28, Camila recorded herself waving "bye" to her other half as he stepped out of the room and then, well, she lets out a sigh of relief as she lets one loose. Camila, speaking to the honeymoon phase between couples everywhere, captioned her Instagram post of the clip, "that first phase of dating when you can't fart or Poo or be a human."
However, Shawn hilariously begs to differ when it comes to crossing that threshold, commenting, "But u do fart tho."
Fans also chimed in with their reactions, commenting with laughing emojis and praises of the couple taking their talents to the streaming platform, but one funny comment also stood above the rest, with someone writing, "The worst is when they come back in, and there's no one else to blame around you."

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For some, the "Treat You Better" singer's latest comment on Camila's post can be considered a little bit of payback, considering she first trolled him just a few days ago about not quite getting the hang of TikTok just yet.

In case you missed it, last week, Shawn shared a video of himself singing parts of his latest remix "KESI," and it may have been just a tad bit awkward. But what made it even more funny is when Camila decided to upload her recreation of her boyfriend's video.

What can we say? Looks like these two not only have a penchant for romance, but they add a little fun and games to the mix as well.