Harry Potter’s Bonnie Wright Reveals Where She Thinks Ginny Weasley Is Today

Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, revealed what she imagines her character and her husband, Harry, are up to almost 10 years after the final installment.

By Kisha Forde Jun 22, 2021 6:39 PMTags
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Harry Potter fans, get ready for a blast from the past—or maybe even a glimpse into a fictional present!

Bonnie Wright revealed her predictions on where her character, Ginny Weasley is today, and the answer is simply spellbinding. The 30-year-old actress shared her thoughts during a recent appearance at the grand re-opening of the Warner Bros. Studio tour in Hollywood, Calif., which will include new Harry Potter-themed activations.
"We know she became a professional Quidditch player," Bonnie shared. "So, she's probably super sporty." Although fans might have predicted that answer, it sounds like Ginny would also be enjoying an enviable lifestyle, too.
"She's probably jet-setting around the world, and the kids would be at Hogwarts and having more freedom," she continued. "I have so much fun making these stories up! I often wonder what their house would look like, where would they be living, and what happens next."

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As fans may recall, the younger sister of Ron Weasley and Ron's best friend a.k.a the main protagonist, Harry Potter (played by Daniel Radcliffe), ended up falling in love and becoming a couple when the series' ending jumped 19 years into the future. According to the ending, the couple also ended up having three children. So, what does Bonnie think happened to the pair's fairytale romance?
"She and Harry are, of course, still together and having lots of fun," she said. "He's keeping things under control and busy being a dad."

Not only does Bonnie still hold admiration for her memorable role, but she also added that she continues to think fondly of the impact the entire wizardry-centered series had on audiences throughout the years.
"As time has gone on since we finished the last film, I feel like my love and respect for it has grown more and more," the actress explained. "I've now been able to process what the whole thing was from the other side. When you're in the middle of the experience, you're busy being present, and you don't have the time to think of the enormity of it all."

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"I've learned so much and met so many incredible people," she continued. "I especially love meeting young fans who weren't even alive when the movies were out. I just think, 'Wow! This is going to keep going in that generational kind of way.'"
And although it's been quite a while since the students of Hogwarts got together for an action-packed adventure, Bonnie also revealed that the cast has kept in touch, thanks to a special group chat.

"The typical thing where we check in on one another to see what we've been up to," she shared. "We always keep up with our milestones, like, you know, when people celebrate 10 years after they've graduated. In theory, now, it's been 11 years. Last summer, we were all celebrating our 10-year anniversary of graduating from Hogwarts. Hopefully, we'll be able to have a delayed graduation celebration soon outside of our chat."
With any luck, we'll see the star-studded cast make that wish come true sometime soon. Fingers (and wands) crossed!