Jordana Brewster Shares How She Honored Paul Walker in F9 at Film Premiere

Jordana Brewster spoke to E! News about the F9 movie and how she honored Paul Walker in the latest installment of the movie.

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Watch: Jordana Brewster Reveals She Had a Crush on Paul Walker

Jordana Brewster is revealing how close she and Paul Walker were to dating IRL.

At the F9 premiere, the Fast and Furious actress exclusively spoke to E! News about her late co-star, at which point the topic of crushes came up. As director Rob Cohen previously revealed, Paul had a crush on Jordana while filming the first movie and surprisingly enough, Jordana said she "didn't know that."

And if Jordana knew, things might have been different as she revealed she also had "a crush on him" in Fast and Furiousto 7. As for why she didn't spill the beans, Jordana explained, "I never got to tell him that but I think on many levels he knew."

The actress went on to marry Andrew Form in 2007, with whom she shares sons Rowan and Julian. But as always, the Fast and Furious family remains close to her heart, especially since she took a couple of accessories from Mia Toretto's wardrobe.

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As she told E! News, for the movie she had bracelets made for Mia "that said Brian, and then our kids' names, which were Olivia and Jack," confessing, "So, I took those two as mementos."

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And Jordana's son Julian made his acting debut in the ninth installment of the franchise. So, as tradition dictates, he got to make an appearance on the red carpet, which the actress said was super exciting. "He has this really gorgeous suit and he's ready," the proud mom boasted. "He's really excited."

As for whether Julian will make an appearance in the 10th film, well, Jordana doesn't know. She revealed the cast only gets the scripts "right before" they start filming.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, fans can see the latest installment F9 in theaters on June 25.

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