Summer House Star Paige DeSorbo Shares Amazon Looks Under $100

$100 outfits styled by a Bravolebrity? Yes, please.

By Marenah Dobin Jun 09, 2021 10:00 AMTags
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Who knows more about summer outfits than Summer House cast member Paige DeSorbo? She is always dressed to impress, whether it's for a night out in Montauk, a themed party at the summer house, or even just lounging in between events. Yes, Paige always looks like a million bucks, but she doesn't spend that much on her ensembles. In fact, she's an avid Amazon shopper. During a recent Amazon Live session, Paige remarked, "This is the best thing I've ever done because I love a look for less. I love a bargain."

If you wish you had a stylist, you're in luck because Paige put together some stylish summer outfits. Not only that, but these items are versatile, with the Bravolebrity pointing out "a lot of these pieces are interchangeable." Keep on scrolling to see some of Paige's go-to ensembles from Amazon.

Paige DeSorbo's Amazon Fashion Finds Are On-Point and On-Budget

Outfit 1: Cargo pants + a crop top + strappy heels + crossbody bag= $95.

AOWEER Womens High Waisted Cargo Pants

"Of course, I have to do a model-inspired look and I love Hailey Bieber. I've been seeing a lot of girls on Instagram and in the New York City streets wearing these joggers. How cool? Do you love them?"

"These are pretty lightweight, so you're going to be fine in summer, especially if you're wearing a crop top. And then you're wearing open-toed shoes, so you're going to be totally fine."

Cape Robbin Ada Sexy Stiletto High Heels for Women

"I've seen girls wearing these pants with sneakers. I've seen them wearing these with heels. I am a high heel kind of girl, so that's what I like to wear it with. I paired these joggers with these really strappy sandals. They're a 'going out' look for sure. And, they're actually very comfortable. I will tell you the truth [about] when something is comfortable or not comfortable because I will wear an uncomfortable shoe if it matches my outfit."

Dbtanjy Women's Crop Tops Drawstring Tie Sides

"With these joggers, any top works, but I paired it with this black little crop top. The best thing about this is on the sides, it has these ties that you can pull to make it as cropped as you want it to be. With the joggers, because they're so loose at the bottom, you want something that's a little tighter at the top."

Kooijnko Womens Pouch Dumpling Crossbody Bag Cloud Handbag

"Hailey wore [her look] with like a croissant bag."

Outfit 2: green button-up top + denim shorts + white crop top + sunglasses= $66

Berlioni Men's Long Sleeve Solid Colors Convertible Cuffs Dress Shirts - Many Colors

"I have been seeing a lot green lately, whether it's shoes, bags, blazers, tops, all of it. So, the first look that I wanted to show you is this green, button-up top." She's not wrong about that, so many celebs have been wearing lime green lately.

"Also, pro tip: sometimes I buy men's button-ups and I get them in a size small because I know they're gonna be oversized. I like the button-up to be a little bit longer. You're going to be wearing shorts underneath."

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's High Rise Cut Off Shorts

"I paired the button-up top with a pair of denim shorts. Just make sure you get these before they sell out. Pair this oversized green button-up, an amazing pair of denim shorts, and, then, you need a basic white crop top for the summer."

Meladyan Women's Round Neck Basic Racerback Camisole

"This crop top is one of my favorites. I actually ordered this in bulk because I feel like I'm wearing one every single day and I'm not the neatest person or the cleanest and I'm always spilling or getting makeup on it. It's hard to wear white in the summer when you wear makeup and have spray tans, so I order like three or four of these at a time, so I always have them. This is a top I wear under a lot of blazers or as a base layer."

"Put that on, the denim shorts, the oversized shirt, and kind of tuck it in a little bit. You don't have to button it up. You can wear it open. I like to button it halfway up."

Dollger Rectangle Sunglasses for Women

"And, then, of course, my favorite sunglasses. I have these in every single color. They are definitely a 'must' for the summer."

Outfit 3: workout set + white button-up shirt + necklace and bracelet set + clear heels= $106.

2 Piece Seamless Ribbed Crop Tank High Waist Shorts Set

This is a workout set. I've never once worked out in it, but it definitely hugs all the right areas. For me, I've been wanting to find dupes that are really good workout sets  that I can wear out. I paired this with an oversized white button-up.

Chalier Button Down Sleep Shirt Dress Beach Cover Up

"I wear a lot of white all summer because I think it makes you look tanner than your really are."


Candi London Gold Plated High Gloss Glass Beaded White Pearl & Czech Gems Saturn Necklace and Bracelet

"I think a white, oversized button up, that's really crisp, over a workout set is such a super cool look. Add some cool jewelry and you're totally ready to go."

Vivianly Clear Pointed Toe Sandals Stiletto Heels

"These are really comfortable too. I'm going to give you a tip: whenever you don't know what heel to wear, just go for something like this. It's going to make your leg look a lot longer and it's very neutral."

Outfit 4: White blazer + white shorts + pearl bag= $92

Vetinee Women's Lapel Pocket Blazer

"My go-to is a white blazer. I think that a white blazer is absolutely necessary for your wardrobe this summer. There are so many different ways to wear it. You can wear it over a daytime dress. At night, you can wear it when you feel like it's gonna get a little bit cold out."

"I added it with a pair of white shorts because I saw a bunch of bloggers wearing them together."

Gobles Womens Summer Casual Shorts High Waist Ruffle Bow Tie Shorts

"How cute are those shorts? I think they're cute for the daytime and with an open blazer you can wear them at night. I paired it with this really cute bag."

Yifei Women Beaded Pearl Evening Bucket Handmade Bags with Detachable Chain

"I love bags that give you an option. You know when you're out in the summer and you're like 'I don't want to be holding a bag this whole time,' I love that this comes with a detachable strap.

Outfit 5: Two-piece knit set + white purse + Superga sneakers= $112

Women Two Piece Outfit

I think this might be my favorite look. Knit sets are just so in for the summer and I found the perfect one. You can wear it unbuttoned. You can wear it halfway buttoned. Also, the thing with sets when you're buying them is you're buying multiple outfits. You can do so many different things with them.

Cardigans are very in. You can wear this with jeans or denim shorts. If you want to wear it with the skirt, add this bag.

HORSE&TIGER Vegan Leather Crocodile Purse

"How absolutely adorable is this bag? It's definitely a dupe of something very expensive."

Superga Women's 2790 Acotw Platform Sneaker Fashion

"For shoes with this, I would keep this a little bit more on like the tomboy side. If you're wearing a mini skirt, I would want to wear sneakers with it."

"My absolute favorite pair of sneakers is from Superga. These ones have more of a platform. I'm very short. Anything with a little bit of a platform, I'm gonna take it. I think this is super super cute. These sneakers are so comfortable and I just throw mine in the washing machine when they get dirty and they come out amazing."

Outfit 6: High-waisted pants + white cropped button-up top= $55

Cemi Ceri Women's High Waist Dress Pants

"I got influenced on Instagram. For these pants, I kept seeing girls wear pieces that were a lot dressier on the bottom and going for something cool and effortless on the top. I found these white pants. I was little nervous wondering if they were going to be see-through. I tried these on. They're totally fine and very comfortable with the perfect amount of stretch."


Remelon Womens Casual Collared Puff Long Sleeve V Neck Button Down Tunic

"I know I'm always talking about white button-up tops because I think you can add them onto anything. I think they make any look crisp and put-together and you're not really doing that much. White button-ups are so chic and this one is a cropped one."

"I think the sleeves make the entire look. The sleeves are a little more balloon than a normal button-up. Wearing this with the pants is so cool."

Outfit 7: Mini skirt + white crop top + headband = $40

Another option: Mini skirt + white crop top + bucket hat = $42


WDIRARA Women's Floral Print Split Hem High Waist Boho Mini Bodycon Skirt

"I have this cute little skirt. This is like the perfect little mini skirt. Wear it with a white crop top and add a headband to this. You could also do it with that white button-up if you rolled the sleeves."

OThread & Co. Women's Basic Crop Tops

"I paired the skirt with just a plain white crop top because I wanted to keep it simple."

Motique Accessories Satin Headband

This is the headband that Paige included in this look. It's also available in 20 other colors. 

Umeepar Unisex 100% Cotton Packable Bucket Hat

"You don't have to try this trend, but I've actually been really loving it. I want you to manifest that you're gonna be on a boat. If you're gonna be on a boat, you absolutely need a bucket hat. I think it's adorable! I love this look!"

Outfit 8: White dress + shoulder bag = $62


ECOWISH Women Dress Summer Casual Crew Neck Ruched Stretchy Bodycon T Shirt Short Mini Dress

"This outfit is good for dinners or going out for drinks or rooftops, just something that's a little dressier, but still comfortable. I found this dress. Everyone has this dress. Why would I go and spend a trillion dollars when I can get it on Amazon?"

"How cute are the sides? You can just pull this up to make it as short as you want it to be. It would even work in the Fall with a knee-high boot and sunglasses."

JW PEI 90s Shoulder Bag for Women Vegan Leather

"You can actually fit a lot of stuff in these bags and I'm very very very thankful that those mini bags aren't really that in style anymore. I was having a tough time with those. This one is a really good quality and it's really cute. This might have to go on my list of things that I feel you absolutely need."

SheIn Women's Sexy Backless Crop Top

Outfit 9: Backless shirt + denim shorts + sunglasses = $48

"This black top is something I've seen all over so I wanted to find a cheaper version for you. This is open back. When you tie it, you can also pull the sides, so you can make it as cropped or not cropped as you want it to be. I love backless shirts. This with the denim shorts could be really cool with those sunglasses."

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