Model Hunter McGrady Celebrates Brother’s Graduation 2 Weeks After His Death

Model Hunter McGrady penned a sweet Instagram post about her late brother Tynan and how he planned to change the world in a post about his would-be college graduation. Scroll to read her message.

By Kaitlin Reilly May 22, 2021 6:00 PMTags
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Model Hunter McGrady is celebrating her late brother Tynan McGrady on what would have been his college graduation. 

The Model Citizen podcast host, who fights for body acceptance in the fashion world and beyond, took to Instagram on May 22 to share the emotional message alongside a photo of herself, Tynan and their sister Michaela McGrady

"Today is a big day," Hunter began the post. "It is my brother Tynan's graduation day. Although he is not here to experience it on Earth, we as a family are still celebrating and jumping for joy for him. He will graduate with a computer engineering degree from San Francisco State University."

In addition to the photo of the siblings, Hunter shared a video of what was Tynan's final project in college: a mechanism that can detect when someone is approaching a door handle, and sanitize it. The project was inspired by the coronavirus pandemic. In a third slide, she shared a touching tribute from Tynan's professor, Hamid Mahmoodi, who Hunter said wanted to get Tynan military funding for his innovative idea.

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Hunter continued, "He wanted to change the world with his passion for computer engineering. Oh boy, He will. We created the Tynan McGrady Foundation in his honor that will soon be an LLC, where all funds will go to kids who have the same passions in technology but not the means to do so. His legacy will live on forever. Bubba, today we celebrate you graduating college, something you worked so hard for. We will be watching as your name goes across the screen, and jumping for joy for you. You deserve it."


Hunter concluded the post, "We love you so much and as a family we are so incredibly proud of you. Happy Graduation Day. If you feel inclined to donate to the Tynan McGrady Foundation the link can be found in my bio."

Hunter shared the sad news of her brother's passing earlier this month with a heartbreaking Instagram post.

"If you know me, you know I rave about my brother, he is and will always be the love of my life," she wrote in the caption alongside pictures of Tynan and his siblings, including one of Tynan at Hunter's wedding to her husband Brian Keys. "I would text my brother every single night the words 'Goodnight I love you' because I never wanted a day to go by without him knowing how much I love and adore him. Everyone around him has always said nothing but beautiful things, his friends' parents always said 'We're so glad Tynan is in our child's life, he's such a good influence.'"