Kim Kardashian Worries About Explaining "Who Kris Humphries Is" To Her Kids on KUWTK

By Samantha Bergeson May 18, 2021 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Kim Kardashian "Hesitant" to Let Her Kids Watch "KUWTK"

Kim Kardashian wants to keep her kids out of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians spotlight for just a little longer.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Thursday, May 20's episode, Kim explains to Scott Disick that she's hesitant to even show seven-year-old daughter North West the hit reality series aside from clips on TikTok.

"They do the crying scene from Bora Bora, pretty much all my crying scenes," Kim laughs. "She'll come in and go, 'Mom, I lost my earring!' She'll, like, do that as a joke and I'm like, 'You have no idea what that is.'" 

Scott warns that it might be best for them as parents to show their children KUWTK themselves. "I'm just thinking like they're going to watch it at some point," Scott explains. "It's their life. At what point do we sit them down and say, 'You're allowed to go through these seasons and see what mom and dad did all these years?'"

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"I don't really want to explain who Kris Humphries is," Kim counters, citing her second marriage to the NBA player which was filmed for the KUWTK cameras.

"That is your life, that is your past, and at some point they're going to be interested in seeing everything," Scott continues. "They're either going to do it without us or with us."


Kim would rather "do it with" her kids, but she wants to protect them from everything in the past. "I'm just not ready for the kids to see it yet, at least North," Kim explains. "Recently the kids have asked to see the show but I'm really hesitant just because me personally, I'm going to have to explain a lot." 

Yet Scott jokes she has "nothing to worry about"—he was the one with the truly wild past. "Honestly the only person that did bad s––t on the show was me," Scott smiles. "I really have some explaining to do." 

As for Scott's own three kids, Kourtney Kardashian already told son Mason that the series was ending but Mason didn't seem to mind. "They were born into it. It must be crazy to be a kid and not even realize you're on The Truman Show," Scott quips. Is that True Thompson's new nickname? 

Check out the clip above for all the eye-popping drama!

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