Kate Middleton and Prince William's Sheep-Filled Farm Trip Is a Must-See Royal Event

While visiting a farm in England, Prince William and Kate Middleton got up close and personal with some new friends. See the royal couple spend their afternoon with some adorable sheep.

By Mike Vulpo Apr 27, 2021 5:42 PMTags
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Introducing farmer Prince William and his wife farmerette Kate Middleton.

On Tuesday, April 27, the royal couple ventured far away from any castle to visit a farm in northeast England.

After being introduced to owners Clare Wise and Stewart Chapman, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge toured the cattle, calving and lambing sheds and learned how to care for livestock. 

The pair was also shown some of the tools used at the farm and were taught how to feed a few hungry sheep.

"Sustainable farm tour," Prince William and Kate's official Instagram wrote after sharing footage of the visit. "Located in Darlington, these two amazing owners of a fifth-generational family-run farm, were able to take us through the ins and outs of how they're working toward the UK's 2050 net-zero target. Using techniques such as grass monitoring, land rotation and feed sampling to help improve productivity and ensure they are able to give back to the environment. Even the tractors got a test run!"

Kate Middleton & Prince William's Best Moments

But perhaps what really stole the show on this farm trip were some adorable sheep. With their best farm shoes on, Kate and Prince William were able to interact with the farm animals. Keep scrolling for some of the must-see moments caught on tape.

Warm Welcome

We aren't at the palace anymore! When arriving at the Manor Farm in Little Stainton, Prince William and Kate Middleton were greeted by a few adorable sheep. 

Feeding Time

While stroking a lamb, Kate and Prince William learned more about the farm from farmer Stewart Chapman's daughters. 

Whole New World

During their visit to the farm, the Duke and Duchess dressed for the occasion with denim jeans and comfortable walking shoes. 

Sheep Mama

Kate rolled up her sleeves and tried to walk a lamb across the grass. 

Walk in the Park?

As she quickly found out, it's easier said than done. 

Farm Life

Raising three kids is hard, but managing sheep isn't a walk in the park either. Rest easy, Prince William and Kate. 

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