Colton Underwood's Former Bachelor Contestant Demi Burnett Reacts After He Comes Out As Gay

By Samantha Bergeson Apr 15, 2021 7:09 PMTags

Bachelor Nation is coming out in full support for star Colton Underwood.

After revealing on Good Morning America on Apr. 14 that he is gay, many Bachelor and Bachelorette alums congratulated Underwood on his big announcement. But what does one of Underwood's past Bachelor contestants think of his big news? 

Demi Burnett, who appeared on Underwood's season of the hit ABC dating show, tells E! News' Daily Pop in an exclusive interview that she was first shocked by his coming out announcement. "Of course I was surprised but not in a negative way at all, definitely in a positive way," Burnett explained. "I support anyone who's going to be brave enough to come out publicly. I did it myself." 

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise watched Burnett come out as bisexual on the summer spinoff series before ultimately proposing to then-girlfriend Kristian Haggerty

"Did it hurt or help you to come out in such a public way?" E! co-host Kym Whitley asks. 

"It definitely helped," Burnett says. 

Daily Pop personality Carissa Culiner points out that Underwood claims to have realized he was gay during his freshman year of high school. Should he have gone on The Bachelor while still grappling with his sexuality? 

Bachelor Nation Celebrates Colton Underwood

"I don't think it was wrong. I think everybody has their own journey," Burnett explains. "Whenever you're coming out, you've got to figure it out. He did it exactly as his story was supposed to be."

Underwood also claimed to have not been able to come out without the experience of being the Bachelor. "Maybe eventually he would have. I'm not sure how I feel about that," Burnett explains. "Coming out is so hard and is so scary. I like to think that I inspired him a little bit to come out."

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Yet Burnett also confirms that she has not been in touch with Underwood since the news. "I'm really close with [Underwood's ex-girlfriend] Cassie Randolph so my loyalties lie with her," Burnett says. "But I am proud of him for coming out."

Burnett also reminds viewers that Underwood's sexual identity doesn't mean he didn't care for Randolph. "I absolutely believe that. I think that love and everything is much more complex than just being like, 'OK so Colton's gay.' That doesn't mean he never loved Cassie," Burnett states. "It's more complex than that, I believe." 

As for Burnett's own romantic life? "I'm in love with myself!" she smiles. "Somebody put me on another TV show, please! I'm so down for it." 

Check out the full Daily Pop interview in the clip above!