Watch Britney Spears Document Her COVID-19 Vaccine Experience With Sam Asghari

In a new Instagram video, Britney Spears said she felt “fine” after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Keep scrolling and see her message to fans.

By Mike Vulpo Apr 08, 2021 11:51 PMTags
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There's nothing wrong with being a little "overprotected."

As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more readily available throughout the United States, Britney Spears decided to schedule an appointment and secure a spot in line.

On Thursday, April 8, the pop music superstar documented her experience getting the shot alongside boyfriend Sam Asghari. As it turns out, she feels great.

"The people on the Internet said it was really, really bad—like a bullet going through your arm," Britney shared in her Instagram video. "It was nothing. I felt nothing. I'm fine. And I hope I continue to stay fine."

She also captioned her latest post, "Got the COVID vaccine. Great success…. High-five!!!!!! @samasghari." 

According to the Los Angeles Times, more than 35% of California residents have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 20% are fully vaccinated as cases continue to fall in the Golden State. But that's not to say the third largest state in the United States is COVID free.

Celebrities and Politicians Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

In an Instagram Story, Sam shared how his fitness routine continues to be affected amid the pandemic.

"A lot of gyms are still closed and a lot of fitness areas are still shut down because of the pandemic, but hear me out. I struggle with this on a daily basis," he explained. "I'm a normal human being. Just because I exercise and I look a certain way doesn't mean I don't struggle with it."

The fitness instructor and actor added, "Whoever tells you they are not struggling in their lives, they are f--king lying. They are full of s--t. Everyone struggles: celebrities, athletes, truck drivers, Starbucks workers, everybody. That's what being a human being is about."

Britney isn't the first celebrity to share her vaccine experience with fans. On April 7, Today show co-hosts Savannah Guthrie, Craig Melvin, Sheinelle Jones, Dylan Dreyer and Jenna Bush Hager each bared an arm on live TV as they received their first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine from a group of Walgreens pharmacists.

Mariah Carey, Ryan Reynolds, Martha Stewart and many more have also posted their vaccine memories online.

And who can forget when Dolly Parton got a "dose of her own medicine" back in March after she helped fund the Moderna vaccine.

"Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine / I'm begging of you please don't hesitate," she crooned in her video. "Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine / because once you're dead / then that's a bit too late."

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