How Melissa McCarthy Really Feels About Training for Superhero Stunts

By Alyssa Ray Apr 05, 2021 5:20 PMTags

More than just a comedy.

On Monday, April 5's episode of E! News' Daily Pop, Thunder Force co-stars Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer teased the special message at the heart of their new Netflix film. The superhero comedy, which arrives on the streaming service April 9, follows two middle aged friends who become superheroes after one invents a formula that gives people powers.

"Love a 20 year old but, if you really want to get something done, do you go to the 20-year-old or do you go to a 45-year-old woman who's seen some stuff?" Melissa exclusively shared on Daily Pop. "I'd go to that gal. She's gonna get it done."

Octavia expressed a similar sentiment, noting she hoped Thunder Force would allow viewers to see the value in everyone. "You don't have to be a muscle-bound, square-jawed man to get things done," she said. "Half of the population isn't muscle-bound, square-jawed and they contribute so much to the world."

Melissa McCarthy's Best Roles

And, from what Melissa shared, it seems the two stars weren't afraid to get in on the action. According to the Bridesmaids actress, she thoroughly enjoyed the stunt work she learned for the superhero film.


"It was so stupidly fun," she dished. "When you get into that world of there's no limits, I'm like, 'Can I jump 12 feet?' It was like, 'You can jump 20.'"

As she continued, Melissa revealed she "loved training for stunts." In fact, the Gilmore Girls alum confessed she was down for anything involving a wire or a harness.

Move over, Tom Cruise. There's a new stunt-loving star in town!

For all of this and more, including Melissa's thoughts on working with director husband Ben Falcone, catch the clip above.

Thunder Force premieres Friday, April 9 on Netflix.