Kenan Learns About the "Spiritual World" in New Kenan Sneak Peek

In this exclusive Kenan clip, Kenan (Kenan Thompson) hears all about the "spiritual world" from co-worker Mika (Kimrie Lewis) ahead of his daughters' first sleepover.

By Alyssa Ray Mar 30, 2021 5:00 PMTags

An eye-opening conversation.

In this exclusive clip from tonight, March 30's all-new Kenan, single dad Kenan (Kenan Thompson) braces himself for his daughters' first sleepover. As he prepares for this major milestone, Kenan runs into co-workers Mika (Kimrie Lewis), Pam (Fortune Feimster) and Tami (Taylor Louderman).

"No, this isn't all for me," Kenan notes as he carries large bags of takeout food. "Is that what you asked?"

Mika responds, "No, but now that you mention it…"

Realizing he's caught with an extreme amount of comfort food, Kenan explains that his daughters are heading to a sleepover. He adds, "I'm alone to do whatever I want. It's gonna be like The Purge, but the binge."

However, Kenan's co-workers quickly warn him that the night might not be so seamless. Pam starts off by commenting, "First sleepover, yikes."

Tami piles on by warning Kenan to not get too comfortable as he may have to pick up his daughters later. Pam further shares, "Me and my friends, we watched Candyman at my first sleepover and I got so scared I peed in Katie Gianetti's sleeping bag."

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Understandably, Mika and Tami respond to this tidbit with a shocked expression. "I mean, I wasn't gonna sleep in pee," Pam says before adding. "That's disgusting."

Despite the warnings, Kenan assures his friends that his daughters will be just fine. "Yes, they are," Mika states in support. "My first sleepover was great. I had s'mores, talked about boys, conjured up my grandma with a Ouija board."

Surprised by this admission, Kenan offers up a simple, "What?"

He further clarifies his stance by asking, "Please tell me you are not that crazy?"

Casey Durkin/NBC

Refusing to back down, Mika notes "there's nothing crazy about your loved ones who passed away watching over you." She doubles down by suggesting that late loved ones are with us "at home, at work, at the mall."

Kenan, who lost his wife Cori, doesn't "buy that Cori's just floating over me at an Ann Taylor Loft."

Tami, who asks what we're all thinking, responds, "Why are you at an Ann Taylor Loft?"

Hilariously, Kenan defends: "I'm at where I'm at."

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Still, as Mika describes her family's connection to the "spiritual world," Kenan hears her out. "We believe our loved ones send us signs or appear as totems," Mika explains. "Like, their favorite animals to help guide us."

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Per Mika, every time she sees a bird, she feels her grandmother's presence. She concludes, "Remember that day a bird dookied on my blazer? That was Grammy just telling me shoulder pads aren't for me."

Watch the conversation play out in the exclusive clip above.

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