Watch Todd Chrisley Receive a Surprise Phone Call From Estranged Son Kyle

In this clip from tonight, March 25's all-new Chrisley Knows Best, Todd Chrisley spoke with oldest son Kyle, who was hoping to meet up. See the scene for yourself.

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An unexpected call.

In this clip from tonight, March 25's all-new Chrisley Knows Best, Todd Chrisley receives a surprise phone call from his oldest son, Kyle. As E! News readers well know, Todd's relationship with Kyle has been complicated over the years due to the latter's mental health and addiction struggles. This resulted in Todd gaining custody over Kyle's daughter, Chloe.

Yet, as the sneak peek teases below, Todd and Kyle may be heading toward a better place. While in the car with wife Julie Chrisley, Todd gets a call from Kyle, who is looking to catch up with his father.

"Hey, this is Kyle," the oldest Chrisley son states over the phone. "I just wanted to reach out because I'd really like to see you."

"Well, I would like that as well," Todd responds. "Can I call you back when I get out of the car?"

After Kyle reveals that's fine with him, Todd makes sure to tell his son that he loves him. Kyle says back, "Love you."

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In a confessional, Todd explains, "I was expecting Kyle to call because my mother said she'd given him my number. But expecting someone to call then someone actually calling is a whole different thing."

As he continues, Todd shares that hearing his son's voice causes him "to become very emotional." Julie goes on to remind Todd that, just because he knew it was coming, doesn't make the situation "any less hard."

Back in the car, Julie asks her husband if he's ready to reconcile with Kyle. "I want that because, you know, every day that's lost is a day that you don't ever get back," Todd comments. "I want to see him but, I'm not diving all in just to be hurt again."

Supporting Todd's decision, Julie encourages the Chrisley patriarch to do what he feels is "the right thing."

See the conversation for yourself in the clip above.

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