Why Deadly Illusions Breakout Star Greer Grammer Seems so Familiar

Greer Grammer plays the irresistible nanny, Grace, in Netflix's new drama Deadly Illusions. But where have you seen her before? iCarly, Awkward. or The Middle, perhaps?

By Lindsay Weinberg Mar 24, 2021 10:00 PMTags
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If Charlotte York was transported out of Sex and the City and into a dark and sultry thriller, you'd have Netflix's Deadly Illusions.

Prepare yourself to experience everything from mind games to sexual tension while watching the flick, which centers on best-selling author Mary Morrison (Kristin Davis). The mother of two hires a too-good-to-be-true nanny, Grace, to help out the wealthy family while she works on her next book. 

However, Kristin isn't the only familiar face in the cast. Netflix viewers also recognized 29-year-old Greer Grammer, who portrays the alluring bookworm, Grace, from her previous film and television roles.

The breakout star actually grew up with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood—she's the second daughter of Kelsey Grammer, the legendary actor from Cheers, Frasier and, most recently, Girlfriends.

Kelsey, who has been married four times, welcomed Greer (born Kandace Greer Grammer) in 1992 with makeup artist Barrie Buckner. Greer's older sister, Spencer, is also an actress who is best known for voicing Summer Smith in Rick and Morty.

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Greer told Nylon in 2014, "I remember going to tapings of Frasier when I was around four. I knew I was at my dad's work, but I didn't get that he was acting for TV. It wasn't until the second grade that it really hit me."

As for her own career, she was crowned Miss Teen Malibu in 2008 and 2009 before studying theater at USC, according to Screen Invasion.


However, she really got her start on the small screen with Nickelodeon's iCarly, appearing as Tancy in the 2010 episode "iSpace Out." 

She then portrayed the pious blonde, Lissa Miller, in MTV's Awkward. from 2011 and 2016.

In 2014, Greer spoke with Screen Invasion about acting on the California-set teen show, saying, "I loved the writing; it stuck out to me so much from any other pilot that I had read... [It] was so funny and it was so different." 

She said she loved playing Lissa as the character developed from the "bitchy sidekick" to "church-y," adding, "I thought she was such a funny character, this girl who is Christian and President of the Abstinence Club, but wears miniskirts and crop tops, and just kind of knows what she's doing." 

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That led Greer to land the roles of McKenna Cederstrom on Melissa & Joey in 2015 and Axl's girlfriend April on The Middle from 2016 to 2017. 

She also scored the part of Mia in the 2014 movie Life Partners, which starred such A-listers as Leighton Meester, Gillian Jacobs and Adam Brody. It was written and directed by Susanna Fogel, who is behind some of our other favorite female-centric stories: BooksmartThe Spy Who Dumped MeThe Flight Attendant and The Wilds.

"I read the script and automatically was so excited for it, because it was like nothing I'd ever played before," Greer said. "I'm used to playing the good, girl-next-door, Christian type, so it was really exciting to read the script and [be] like, 'Oh, cool. She is a lesbian. Oh, she's so hot. Like yes, yes.' It was just something that was so different for me."

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The actress said she appreciates working on independent films in part because of the freedom, which included making "cool" memories while doing improv with Leighton a couple years after Gossip Girl wrapped.

"She was really fun to play off of," Greer shared. "On Awkward., I'm so used to having to say every single word correctly." She explained, "There's no improv, there's no... kind of doing your thing... I'm used to having to match every word. I'm not used to hav[ing] this kind of freedom, but I liked it."

Back in 2014, Greer expressed that her long-term goals included working as much as she "possibly" could—whether that was acting, directing, producing or writing. 

"I really love TV," she told Screen Invasion. "I love getting to go to the same work and the same crew every week—and I really love the character growth that can happen with TV. I think it's a really cool thing."

At the time, she was also interested in performing in musicals on Broadway.


Greer, who served as Miss Golden Globe in 2015, now describes herself as a "disney nerd" and "christmas obsessed." The Los Angeles native relatably spent her quarantine watching The Bachelor and re-watching "the entirety of Gilmore Girls for the 7000th time," as she revealed on Instagram.

Now, she's been warning her friends and family before they see a new side of her in the dark movie Deadly Illusions.

But if you're disappointed that the wild ride of Deadly Illusions only lasts for an hour and 54 minutes, you can catch Greer in her other recent films, which include The Last Summer (2019) and Roe v. Wade (2021). Burning at Both Ends and Story Game are coming soon.