Why Priyanka Chopra "Felt Strongly" That Nick Jonas Make This Sexy Change to His New Album

In a new interview about Spaceman, Nick Jonas explained why wife Priyanka Chopra was a bit adamant that the singer make the album sexier in one key way.

By Ryan Gajewski Mar 12, 2021 8:23 AMTags
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Nick Jonas has just dropped his latest album, and fans can thank wife Priyanka Chopra for convincing him to make it just a bit sexier. 

In an Apple News interview released on Friday, March 11 to celebrate the release of Spaceman, the 28-year-old performer shared that one of its songs, "Sexual," was initially entitled "Glow." But the White Tiger actress talked him into changing its name at the 11th hour. 

"This song was originally called 'Glow,' but after my wife heard the album, she kept referring to it as 'Sexual,'" he explained. "I was like, 'I don't know what you're talking about.'"

Despite Nick's initial confusion, Priyanka didn't give up her efforts to have him adopt the sexier moniker. 

"She felt strongly that it should be called 'Sexual,' so at the very last minute, I changed the title," he continued. "Obviously, I think she was right."

He went on to say about the song, "The thing I like about this record is that it feels like the connective tissue between my last solo album, which was more R&B and soul-inspired, and this solo album, which is more '80s pop. It's the bridge."

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"Sexual" is indeed an appropriate name for the tune, as the lyrics to the chorus go, "You put the 'sex' in sexual/ I love to watch you, baby/ I love to watch you glow." Please give us a moment while we cool off. OK, proceed.

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The "Chains" vocalist also explained that the album was recorded while Priyanka was overseas shooting the upcoming Matrix 4.

"I missed my person," he shared. "Most of the songs are just love letters. When I can't articulate the way I feel with words, I go to the studio."