Nick Jonas Sings About Murder and Sex Cults While Hosting SNL

Nick Jonas made his Saturday Night Live return, this time as host. Check out highlights from the Feb. 27, 2021 episode, which also features a cameo from his big brother Kevin Jonas.

By Corinne Heller Feb 28, 2021 5:01 PMTags

Nick Jonas returned to Saturday Night Live, pulling double duty this time as not only the musical guest, but as the host, for the first time.

During his monologue, his brother Kevin Jonas made a cameo to ask a question many have been wondering about: Is their band the Jonas Brothers still together? Nick is releasing a new album, Spaceman, next month. While he has dropped solo music before, this is his first independent project since the group, made up of him, Kevin and brother Joe Jonas, reunited as a group in 2019 after five years.

"Honestly, I am so excited to be here, and also, I gotta ask: Are, are we good?" Kevin said. "Because I see you're doing a lot of solo stuff. Are we still a band?"

Nick replied, "Of course."

"Are you sure? Because I just bought a house," Kevin said, to which Nick responded, "The band is still together, I promise."

After setting the record straight about the Jonas Brothers—who actually performed on SNL just after their 2019 reunion, Nick went on to sing "Drink With Me" from Les Misérables with other cast members. In 2003, as a child growing up in New Jersey, the star made his Broadway debut in the show, playing child urchin Gavroche. He also played Marius in a televised Les Mis 25th anniversary special that was filmed in London.

During SNL, he starred in some sketches and performed two new tracks—"This Is Heaven" and "Spaceman," from his upcoming album by the same name.

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Watch Nick's SNL hosting debut monologue:

Watch more highlights from the episode:


"Murder Show":

In this video, Nick sings about everyone's worst-kept secret obsession with docu-series about murder...and cults and death cults and sex cults and all kinds of cults.

"Mirror Workout":

In this sketch, Mikey Day and Chris Redd use a workout mirror, the kind that's AI-powered...or is it? A very jacked Nick plays one of the gadget's trainers, while Kate McKinnon portrays another person behind the mirror, held against her will.

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"Bachelor Party":

Nick helps sing about all the hard work that goes into a bachelor party in this NSFW video.

"Post-COVID Dating":

Nick and Kate play a couple on a super awkward date that takes place after the coronavirus pandemic. But a kitten is involved, so it's already more enjoyable than most first-time social engagements.

"Home Makeover":

In this sketch, two male roommates' awful apartment—the kind that is awfully typical for male roommates—gets the HGTV treatment.

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