Megan Fox Denies Making Anti-Mask Statements After a Fake Post Goes Viral

Megan Fox is speaking out and setting the record straight after a fake post suggested she made a "decision to not wear a mask" amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

By Alyssa Morin Feb 20, 2021 6:19 PMTags
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Megan Fox is setting the record straight.

On Friday night (Feb. 19), the Transformers star took to her Instagram Stories to address rumors about herself that went viral. Earlier that day, a fake message was shared to Instagram that accused the 34-year-old actress of speaking out about her "decision to not wear a mask" amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The post has since been deleted.

However, Megan quickly shut down the fabricated post, writing, "I've never made any statements regarding wearing masks. Scary that you can go viral and possibly be socially crucified for something you haven't done."

The Jennifer's Body star facetiously added, "The internet is so FUN."

According to People, the fake post not only featured a false message from Megan but that also included a photo that showed the actress and her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, in public together. In the image, Megan was photographed holding a mask in her right hand.

Stars With Coronavirus

People pointed out the fake message was Photoshopped onto a real post that Megan shared on social media back in 2014. At the time, the Rogue star spoke out against bullying.

When Megan isn't dealing with online trolls, the star is enjoying spending time with her musician boyfriend.


The couple recently celebrated their first Valentine's Day together, and it was nothing short of memorable.

On Feb. 14, the "bloody valentine" singer claimed he was wearing Megan's—wait for it—blood around his neck. In his Instagram post, the 30-year-old star displayed his vial-like necklace, which appeared to have a drop of blood sealed inside.

"i wear your blood around my neck," he captioned his post, "my bloody valentine."

Adding more fuel to the fire, Megan took to Instagram, writing, "there goes my heart."

"Manifest outside of my body," she continued, "draped in the towering silhouette of a most unusually handsome boy magical and haunted kinetic and tortured ethereal and dangerous cosmic lawless eternal creative genius."

Earlier this month, a source told E! News that Megan and Machine Gun Kelly are the real deal, saying she is "very serious with MGK and sees him as her soulmate and life partner. They plan to be together forever."

According to the source, the actress is hoping to finalize her divorce from Brian Austin Green "so she can move on and move ahead."

"Brian is definitely not making it easy or doing things quickly," the insider explained, adding, "Megan would like to wrap it up and get it finished as quickly as possible, but Brian is not exactly working with her on that."

Both Brian and Megan have requested to have joint physical and legal custody of their three sons, Journey, 4, Bodhi, 6, and Noah, 8. Additionally, Megan is asking for termination of spousal support for herself and the 47-year-old actor.

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