Watch Michael B. Jordan Become the Ultimate Alexa Fantasy in 2021 Super Bowl Commercial

In a new Super Bowl LV commercial, Michael B. Jordan stars as a human-shaped Alexa, satisfying one woman’s every household need. Scroll on to see the mesmerizing daydream.

By Mona Thomas Feb 02, 2021 7:30 PMTags
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What if Michael B. Jordan fulfilled all of your needs and desires?

Well, that's the scenario in his new Super Bowl LV commercial, which he shared to his social media accounts on Feb. 2. The Creed star becomes the center of a woman's fantasy as she imagines him as the physical embodiment of Amazon's smart home operating system, aka Alexa.

In her 60-second daydream, People's 2020 Sexiest Man Alive performs common tasks given to Alexa, such as answering recipe questions, translating English to French and controlling household items, but doing so with a much, sexier face.

Fans even get a shirtless Michael when the homeowners asks Alexa to "dim the lights" and the star takes his shirt off and throws it on top of a standing lamp. He even sits in a tub (fully clothed) in a candle-lit bathroom reading a sensual audiobook to the woman.

The hilarious parts of the ad feature the woman's husband, who is completely unaware of what's happening and has no idea why the human-shaped Alexa is in his home. 

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Michael told USA Today Sports that there were even funnier parts of the commercial that didn't make the final cut, but the husband scenes were some of the funniest. He explained, "The guy that plays the husband is freaking hilarious. A lot of his reactions, just the way we were all working that day, it was pretty funny."

The Black Panther actor also reflected on being a part of something as big as a Super Bowl ad. Knowing how legendary some have been in the past, he considered it a "pretty cool experience."

"Being a part of [one], it's a bucket list type thing to check off, you know?" he said. "Like, 'OK, cool, I was part of a Super Bowl moment.' It's pretty cool to be a part of that."