The Bachelor's Victoria Larson Apologizes to Contestants Amid Bullying Accusations

"Queen Victoria," aka Victoria Larson, took to Instagram to send a message to fellow Bachelor contestants. Scroll on to see what she had to say about her behavior.

By Kaitlin Reilly Jan 28, 2021 6:10 PMTags

Victoria Larson is taking accountability for her less-than-kind behavior on The Bachelor

The 28-year-old entrepreneur, who dubbed herself the "Queen" on the show, is still in the running for lead Matt James' heart—but is definitely the so-called "villain" of the season. As Bachelor Nation fans may recall, she told Matt that Marylynn Sienna was "toxic," leading to Matt booting Marylynn from the show during the rose ceremony. Victoria also railed against Sarah Trott for interrupting a group date, leading to Sarah choosing to exit the show. "Queen Victoria" also snatched a crown off new contestant Catalina Morales' head, suggesting there can only be one self-proclaimed royal in the house.

Now, however, it seems that Victoria is taking some responsibility for her behavior. In since-deleted posts on her Instagram Story, the reality star acknowledged that she hurt other girls in the mansion. 

She wrote, "I think in my effort to make my opinions heard it may have been perceived as bullying by some, and I feel bad if my words or actions offended anyone. I take time each day to reflect and learn the lessons."

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She added that she views "all women as queens" and made amends with anyone she hurt "privately."



Victoria continued, writing, "I think it's important to learn from the past, live in the present, and to always move forward with a positive attitude. We learn more each day about social media and how it impacts us. I just want to encourage us all to be more positive and supportive."


She concluded with, "Lastly, of course name calling is never okay but I hold myself accountable and can just do better next time I cannot change the past. It truly was not malicious and I am so sorry. I love each girl I met on my journey!"

The bullying accusations weren't the only drama that Victoria found herself in during her time on The Bachelor. Earlier this month, Victoria's 2012 arrest for shoplifting was uncovered by the press. However, the reality star said there was a positive side to her criminal record resurfacing. 

"I feel liberated, like everything's exposed," she said in an interview on Good Morning America. "I can tell my future husband, 'Google me. I have no secrets to hide.'"

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