Bling Empire's Kelly Mi Li Reveals the Status of Her Relationship With Andrew Gray

Amid criticism for her on-again, off-again relationship with Andrew Gray, Bling Empire's Kelly Mi Li revealed if they're back together.

By Alyssa Ray Jan 25, 2021 6:59 PMTags
Watch: "Bling Empire" Star Kelly Mi Li Reveals Relationship Status

Are Bling Empire's Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray still together?

On Monday, Jan. 25, Netflix dropped a "Where Are They Now" video about the cast of their latest reality hit. The just-released video covered a variety of topics, including an update on Kelly and Andrew's on-again, off-again relationship.

Fans of the show have criticized the couple's relationship as toxic due to the troubling fights documented. As breakout star Anna Shay put it best, "There ain't no dick that good."

Although the pair briefly broke up in season one, the finale teased a reunion between the Organic Media Group co-founder and the Power Rangers Megaforce actor. So, are Kelly and Andrew still an item?

Kelly shared in the new video, "After filming, we took a good, I would say, five-month or six-month break where we just focused on ourselves."

As she continued, the Bling Empire star highlighted that they've gone to "therapy individually" and have "learned about ourselves." It was at this point that Kelly confirmed that she and Andrew are "back in communication" and "back seeing each other."

A Closer Look at the Bling Empire Cast

She stated, "It's night and day."

Andrew added, "We are together today. Stronger, happier than we ever have been."

On the criticism surrounding their relationship, Kelly acknowledged that she can "see where the audience is coming from."

"They saw a period, a really dark period, of our relationship," she expressed. "And with Andrew's behavior, I don't excuse it at all. I think it's a hundred percent wrong."

In the video, Andrew defended that he's "grown a lot" since filming the reality series.

On going to therapy, Andrew relayed, "I've been able to resolve so many issues that I didn't even know were still open like a wound."


As for how Kelly's castmates feel? Co-star Kevin Kreider defended that people can change.

He said, "People change. And people forget that he will change too, and he will become better and he will learn from all of this stuff. People aren't always like that."

For all of this and more, including the cast's reaction to Anna's feud with Christine Chiu, watch the "Bling Empire Cast: Where Are They Now" video above.

Bling Empire is streaming now on Netflix.