How a Penis Pump Ended a Friendship on Netflix's Bling Empire

In this exclusive Bling Empire sneak peek, a friendship is tested after a penis pump is thrown out of a window. Find out all the dramatic details ahead of the premiere!

By Alyssa Ray Jan 12, 2021 7:00 PMTags
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Who is to blame for this penis pump debacle?

In this exclusive clip from Netflix's Bling Empire, which premieres January 15, Kim Lee and Guy Tang find an unexpected item in spa day host Anna Shay's shower. Of course, this causes all sorts of wild drama, which we love to see in our reality TV shows.

At the start of the clip, Guy remarks, "I think we're being rude like, investigating her home."

However, Kim assures Guy that Anna "doesn't care" if they poke around. (SPOILER: Anna does care. Big time.)

In a confessional, Guy adds, "My curiosity is: What shampoo is she using in her shower? Because her hair's a mess and if she's not using the right product, maybe that's the problem with her."

Just when we think this is the shadiest part of the clip, Kim and Guy top themselves. We're, obviously, talking about the scene they cause upon finding a penis pump in Anna's shower.

Guy exclaims, "She has a penis pump! She has a penis pump in her shower."

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Since they're not being subtle about their discovery, the other spa day attendees soon catch wind that something is going on.

One co-star comments, "I just heard, 'penis.'"

Another asks, "What is going on up there?"

As the two explore their find further, Guy ponders why Anna even has a penis pump, especially in the shower.

Guy inquires to the Bling Empire camera, "Ok, whose penis is Anna pumping in a shower?"


Rather than leave the penis pump where they found it, Kim encourages Guy to throw the enlargement item out the window.

She adds, "That s--t's disgusting."

While Guy worries that tossing the pump outside will be seen "as rude," Kim pushes him to do it.

"No, it's not rude. That's disgusting. What is that thing? That s--t is illegal," Kim confidently states. "Do it! Do it!"

Unsurprisingly, Anna feels disrespected by Kim and Guy's behavior.

She notes in a confessional, "This is not a screw you situation, this is a f--k you situation."

As Anna moves to place the blame on Kim, the latter throws her partner-in-crime Guy under the bus. Hilariously, Guy then informs the cameras that he has "the same penis pump at home."

"How is it that you find a sex toy?" Anna confronts Kim. "Kim, you shouldn't go through people's houses when you've been invited."

Kim defends, "It wasn't me!"

To make matters worse, someone gives Anna a Bible, something she says she doesn't "need."

Later on, Anna accuses Kim of being "really, really rude" and makes it clear she no longer trusts the DJ.

Realizing she's in hot water, Kim further blames Guy, saying he was the one to discover the penis pump. Right, but didn't she tell him to throw it out a window?

Still, Kim refuses to apologize and storms off when her friends apologize on her behalf.

Anna concludes, "I think I really did misjudge what I thought of her, that I made a mistake. Kim doesn't belong in my world."

Watch the whole dramatic scene in the exclusive clip above.

Bling Empire hits Netflix on Friday, Jan. 15.

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