Terminator Scoop: Bale vs. Naked Schwarzenegger!

Christian Bale talks about his fight scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger (or his CG image) in Terminator: Salvation. Director McG talks about his penis...for real!

By Fred Topel May 09, 2009 1:50 PMTags
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The future of mankind comes down to a cockfight. Two of them, actually, or so the star and director of Terminator Salvation told reporters today.

In round one, franchise newcomer Christian Bale faces off against a totally nude Arnold Schwarzenegger, the original Terminator model. Kinda.

"I get a thrill out of seeing the scene where Connor faces off against the original T-800," Bale, who keeps his clothes on in the scene, told E! News. "I didn't meet [Schwarzenegger] on the set. He didn't have to expend one second of time."

So how'd they do it?

The filmmakers used fancy computer tricks to put the California governor's face on some young bodybuilder's body, so he looks just like he did when he walked naked on the streets in 1984.

Arnold's face only shows up for a few shots before it, and his package, get mangled beyond recognition.

"I didn't want the scene to go on," said director McG. "I just wanted it to be a tip of the cap [to the original]. I think that's a nice moment in the movie when that shows up."

But be honest, Mr. Bale: Who really has the bigger, uh, box office?

"We've sort of moved on now from the '80s big beefy guys, but he was the first, so hats off to him," Bale said. "You look at what that guy's achieved, it's phenomenal."

Meanwhile, McG has been in an off-camera, below-the-belt tiff with fellow robot-flick director Michael Bay. When asked whose robots were bigger, terminators or transformers, McG said recently he had a bigger, uh, budget.

Now he says he was being ironic.

"That was lost immediately, and people gravitated to 'two spoiled-brat directors think they have big cocks,'" McG said. "Nothing could be further from the truth."

But since you brought it up…

"The funny thing is, I have an Irish curse and I think we're all familiar with exactly how [I'm endowed]."

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