Ella Emhoff's Inauguration Day Stylists Share the Story Behind Her Instantly Iconic Miu Miu Coat

Ella Emhoff's stylists, Jill Lincoln & Jordan Johnson, speak to E! News exclusively about what it was like to dress Vice President Kamala Harris' step-daughter for the 2021 Presidential Inauguration.

By Samantha Schnurr, Cydney Contreras Jan 23, 2021 12:25 AMTags

While the future of the government was of principle importance on Wednesday, Jan. 20, the fashion at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration was all anyone could think about. 

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden wore a stunning monochromatic blue ensemble, which was designed by Alexandra O'Neill, the creative genius behind the brand Markarian, while Lady Gaga stunned in a symbolic Schiaparelli gown and dove broach, marking the beginning of a new and, hopefully, more peaceful era in America's history. 

Even now, two days later, the stylings of the First and Second Families remain in our hearts and on our minds. After all, the Bidens and Harris-Emhoffs killed it in the fashion department. 

Considering the ongoing obsession with the Inauguration Day looks, E! News reached out to Vice President Kamala Harris' step-kids' stylists, Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson, to get more details on how they created Ella Emhoff and mom Kerstin's visionary looks. 

The styling pair, known within the industry as Jill + Jordan, dished on everything, from how they got the gig styling the Second Daughter to what people can expect from Ella, a student at Parsons School of Design in New York. Read the exclusive Q&A below!

Meet Vice President Kamala Harris' Family

E!: When did the process of styling them for the inauguration begin? 

J & J: A few weeks before the holiday, our friend reached out to see if we would be open to helping put together looks for the inauguration. We responded, "of course!" and our friend connected us over text. We "met" over Zoom a few days later to talk shop.

Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

E!: Did Ella or Kerstin have any requests for their looks today? 

J & J: Yes. They both have great style and know their fashion. They sent preferred designers, some image references and we made suggestions of brands that we thought could be great to add to the list. There was some back and forth over email, but we were all very aligned on the wants and needs for the events they would be attending.

E!: What inspired their outfits for Inauguration Day and on Tuesday? Was there any particular meaning or intention behind the looks?

J & J: Not so much. We wanted to stay true to their style and find special pieces because we knew that the images from the day would live on forever in their family (and the universe!). That said, we were mindful that it was Kamala and the Bidens' day.

E!: What's the story behind the Miu Miu coat that's caused a huge stir online? Was it one of many options or was it something you knew immediately she should wear? 

J & J: Miu Miu was the first request we made and first designer confirmation we received. Having only met her virtually, and having done some research via her Instagram etc., we hoped that she would share our reaction to the coat. The girls from Miu Miu sent through images and we separately replied, "YES YES SEND! "

The coat was the first item she tried (followed by dresses from Batsheva and Thom Browne), and in hindsight, we all knew that we could have just stopped there, though we gave respect to most items on the three racks worth of clothes we had in the fitting.


E!: People are absolutely loving Ella's inauguration outfit on social media and she's been referred to as a breakout style star. What's your reaction to the response she's been getting? Did you anticipate the jacket making such a splash?

J & J: One never knows what or whom will create a commotion online these days. We had a feeling she would get some attention because she has a very specific look and aura, and would stand out whether wearing jeans and a tee, or a neon ball gown. Of course, curiosity leads to her online presence, which only makes her more interesting to people. We are always grateful to be part of something that excites people in a positive way, but what excited us most in this opportunity was getting to meet this sweet and talented girl who was raised well by really impressive parents.

E!: How do you think she'll continuing making her mark on fashion during her next four years as second daughter?

J & J: We imagine so. She is graduating soon and her talent and creativity knows no limits. In the short time that we have been acquainted, our takeaway is that it would be a disservice to the world for her to not show everyone what she is capable of inclusive of and beyond fashion.