Below Deck Sailing Yacht First Look: A Shocking Boat Crash, Hot Hookups & So Much Drama

Bravo's Below Deck Sailing Yacht is back for season two! Watch an exclusive sneak peek to see Captain Glenn Shephard furious like never before.

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Prepare for a boatload of drama on season two of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

The Bravo series returns March 1, and E! News has an exclusive sneak peek of what's to come aboard the Parsifal III as Captain Glenn Shephard and his brand new crew sail along the sparkling coast of Croatia. Throughout the charter season, he'll be joined by chef Natasha De Bourg, chief stew Daisy Kelliher, chief engineer Colin Macrae, first mate Gary King, second stew Dani Soares, third stew Alli Dore and deckhands Sydney Zaruba and Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux.

"I'm looking forward to a great season!" Captain Glenn says enthusiastically in the trailer, which you can watch below. "We've got a great team and I think we're going to knock it out of the park."

As nice as that sounds, we're not as confident in the crew's ability to run a tight ship. The yachties can be seen breaking dishes and falling down the stairs on-duty, and when they're not working, that's when the real debauchery begins. We're talking sloppy hookups, skinny dipping, lots of alcohol, and of course, over-the-top arguments.

Wildest Guests on Below Deck

Colin put it best: "Because we're cooped up on the boat, everyone's in party mode. This is gonna get crazy."

Bravo/Laurent Basset

Crazy, indeed. The tension is palpable aboard the Parsifal III, and the crew has much bigger problems to worry about than where they're going to get their next drink.

For starters, Natasha and Daisy are definitely not on the same page. "I'm the f--king chef," Natasha snaps at the chief stew. "Don't give me no f--king constructive criticism."

Then there may or may not be a love triangle involving Gary, Alli and Sydney. The girls face off numerous times in the trailer, and at one point, Alli slams Gary, too. "I told you that I like you," she yells. "This is my moment to get angry. You deserve this!"

The drama then culminates in every yachtie's worst nightmare: a boat crash. "F--k me!" Captain Glenn screams after the Parsifal III collides with a docking wall, resulting in visible damage to the yacht.  "God damnit. F--k!"

Watch the dramatic trailer in full above. Then, for a closer look at the season two cast, scroll through the images below.

Season two of Below Deck Sailing Yacht premieres Monday, March 1 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Captain Glenn Shephard

Originally from Montreal, Captain Glenn Shephard's life has always been dictated by the need to see the world. Early on in his travels, he was invited onboard a 50-foot classic sailboat to work as a deckhand and was immediately hooked and has never looked back.  With over 20 years in the industry and 11 years as the Captain on Parsifal III, Glenn has hosted hundreds of high-end guests over many busy charter seasons. Glenn knows how to keep his cool while catering to the uber elite. This laid-back Captain is calm until his limits are pushed. Don't mess with Capt. Glenn!

Natasha De Bourg, Chef

Born in Trinidad, Natasha De Bourg escaped a difficult childhood, troubled marriage to take a leap of faith and attend culinary school in Europe. After finishing school, she focused on working at top Michelin-star restaurants. Her skills are sharp as a knife and eventually became an executive chef in France before getting yachting. Natasha's headstrong nature often puts her at odds with other crew members—especially her counterpart, Daisy, the Chief Stew.

Daisy Kelliher, Chief Stewardess

New Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher is considered a yachting legacy. Her grandfather was an Olympic sailor for Ireland in 1964, and her parents—and many aunts and uncles—were yachties. Though Daisy has a lot to live up to when she joins Parsifal III as the new Chief Stew, that doesn't stop her from diving head-first into crew politics and drinking like a true Irish woman. Daisy can always be counted on to give you a piece of her mind and let her hair down to have a good time.

Colin Macrae, Chief Engineer

Long-time sailor Colin Macrae worked as a Chief Engineer on superyachts for eight years before joining Parsifal III. With a big heart and an impish smile, Colin is more than happy to lend a hand anywhere that he might be needed. But when Colin's kindness gets mistaken for weakness, fireworks fly.

Gary King, First Mate

Having captained smaller boats and run the deck on several busy superyachts, Gary King's 12 years of experience is apparent in the way he runs his deck team. On one hand, he rules his department with an iron fist but on the other hand, he is never the type to leave a party first. He brims with mischievous charm but his casual flirtation turned real feelings gets him in hot water on and off deck.

Dani Soares, Second Stewardess

After two weeks of dock walking for day work in France, Dani Soares started her career in yachting and has almost eight years of experience working on the interior of yachts. While she takes her job seriously, she lets her feelings get the best of her and leaves her questioning how to best chart the course ahead.

Alli Dore, Third Stewardess

Alli Dore boards Parsifal III as a divemaster with boating experience on the exterior and hoping to round out her resume with more experience on the interior. She is a bubbly, eccentric Australian with a big heart and unique perspective that guides her to emotionally, unexpected places.

Sydney Zaruba, Deckhand

No stranger to life on the water, Sydney Zaruba's parents lived on a sailboat when she was born and she now helps run her family's boat business, where they charter a 76-ft schooner named Freedom. She takes pride in her knowledge of traditional sailing but being new to the super yachting world poses personal challenges as she gets caught in the undertow of a controversial boatmance.

Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux, Deckhand

As the youngest crew member and dubbing himself "the tallest deckhand in yachting," at almost seven feet tall, Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux spends most of the charter season trying to prove to the elder crew members he's on their level in many ways.

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