Below Deck Sailing Yacht's customers can be very particular.

In this clip from Monday's Pop of the Morning, Bravo personalities Adam Glick and Jenna MacGillivray—who star in the network's newest Below Deck spin-off, premiering tonight, Feb. 3, at 9 p.m.—reveal how much Sailing Yacht's 180-foot-long Parsifal III costs. 

"30, 40, 50 million," says Glick, the chef fans first met during seasons two and three of Below Deck Mediterranean, who returns to the franchise with its latest installment.

"A new sailboat that size...and sailboats are more expensive, believe it or not, because they require the upkeep," he continues. "You're looking at sails that deteriorate. Well, there's $300,000 you've got to replace. Just an upkeep. They figure whatever the value of the boat is, 10 percent of that is your yearly upkeep."

Glick and his co-star also share some of the oddest requests they've received from yacht patrons.

"The requests get so bizarre," Glick tells POTM co-hosts Lilliana Vazquez, Scott Tweedie and Victor Cruz. "For example, we might be brought a king-sized bag of Skittles and told that we're only allowed to put out the orange ones. So, now you've got crew members wasting incredibly valuable time sitting in my galley picking out orange Skittles."

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MacGillivray, a Bravo newcomer and Chief Stewardess on Sailing Yacht, is no stranger to unique asks, either.

The Chief Stew tells POTM she isn't afraid to turn down a request "if it's too far," although some guests have asked the crew member "to tuck them in," which does not seem to faze her. "That sounds worse than it is," MacGillivray says casually. "People just want to be babied."

Hear Glick and MacGillivray's thoughts on which Sailing Yacht cast member is most likely to engage in a threesome, hook up with a guest and more in the full clip above!

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