Jules Takes the Spotlight in Trailer for Euphoria's Second Special Episode

Hunter Schafer's Jules gets a chance to tell her side of the story in Euphoria's second special episode, premiering Jan. 22 on HBO Max.

By Lauren Piester Jan 19, 2021 7:53 PMTags
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It's Jules' turn to tell her story. 

Euphoria is following up its alleged Christmas special with another special episode focusing on Jules (Hunter Schafer), who left on a train after Rue (Zendaya) abandoned her at the end of season one. The first special was all about Rue dealing with her feelings about Jules, her relapse, and sobriety in general and essentially served as an hour of therapy for Rue and for all of us. 

Part two, per HBO, "follows Jules over the Christmas holiday as she reflects on the year." Schafer co-wrote and co-executive produced the episode with show creator Sam Levinson

The two specials are separate from season two, which does not yet have a premiere date, but provide some insight into what went on between seasons one and two. 

The trailer focuses on Jules' love for Rue and their complicated relationship. 

"Rue was the first girl that didn't just look at me," Jules says. "She actually saw me, the me that's underneath a million layers of not me." 

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Watch the trailer below!

We haven't gotten Euphoria from Jules' perspective since episode four, when we learned about her childhood and her experience with transitioning. It occasionally felt like her relationship with Rue was one-sided on Rue's part, and that Rue was investing more than Jules was, so it will be interesting now to see just how invested Jules actually is and just how much it affected her when Rue left her to run away on her own. 

If the first special is any indication, this will be a fairly depressing ride so everybody buckle up. 


This second special episode will premiere Jan. 22 on HBO Max.