Celebrate Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's 2nd Baby by Looking Back at Their Family Photos

Months after news broke that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake welcomed their second child, the singer shared sweet details about their newborn for the first time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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Justin Timberlake is opening up about life as a family of four.

While it's been six months since news spread that he and wife Jessica Biel welcomed their second child, the singer spoke about their new family addition for the first time on the Jan. 18th episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"His name is Phineas, and he's awesome and he's so cute, and nobody's sleeping," Justin told Ellen DeGeneres. "But we're thrilled. We're thrilled and, you know, couldn't be happier. Very grateful."

The Grammy winner, 39, and the actress, 38, are also parents to 5-year-old son Silas—and it looks like the couple has already seen the difference in raising two kids versus one.

"We don't see each other anymore," the "SexyBack" star quipped. "It's a lot of fun….But I guess the saying goes, you go from a zone defense to a man-to-man really quickly. And sort of like split and, 'You go get that one, I'll get this one!' But it's great."

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As for how Silas is handling life as a big brother, Justin said his firstborn is "super excited" about having a sibling.

"Well, right now, he's very much liking it," the former *NSYNC member noted. "But you know, Phin can't walk yet or chase him down, so I don't know. We'll see what happens."

These days, Jessica and Justin's oldest son is also enjoying playing tennis, building structures with his LEGOs and spending time on his Nintendo Switch. 

"It's like child crack," Justin said about the device. "Can I say that on daytime?" 

While neither Justin nor Jessica has posted pictures of Phineas, they have shared several adorable snapshots of Silas. To see a few of their family photos, scroll on.

Backstage Pass

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's sons Silas and Phineas rocked the singer's Forget Tomorrow World Tour merch when he kicked off the concert series in April 2024.

Mother & Son

Jessica hugged the couple's youngest son Phineas, as seen in this video Justin shared on the actress' 42nd birthday in March 2024.

Selfia at Sunset

Justin shared this pic on Jessica's 42nd birthday in March 2024.

Couple's Selfie

Justin also shared this snap on Jessica's 42nd birthday in March 2024.

Group Hug

Jessica posted a sweet family snapshot as part of her Instagram tribute to Justin on Father's Day 2022. 

Family Band

Justin celebrated Father's Day 2022 by sharing a photo of his "two favorite melodies," sons Silas and Phineas, playing piano together. 

Happy 40th Birthday, Jessica

Jessica shared this sweet pic of herself with sons on her 40th birthday.

Sweet Tribute

This was Silas and Phin's birthday banner for Jessica.


Justin and Jessica enjoyed cake on her 40th birthday.

A Walk to Remember

"Thankful for my guys," she captioned heartwarming holiday snap. "Merry Christmas everybody!!"

Jessica Biel and Her "Little Man"

Jessica celebrated her "little man" on his big day back in April 2020. Happy birthday, Silas! 

Birthday Wishes

The Sinner actress marked her birthday on March 3, 2020 with a special cake and her one and only. On Instagram she wrote, "Celebrating my birthday in style... and by that I mean, in pajamas. I made Justin PROMISE not to sing Happy Birthday to me, so he improvised. Sorry you can't hear it, but I'm still laughing. Thank you, you wonderful human, for really listening to me, and for throwing my kinda party. And thank YOU ALL for the birthday wishes. Feeling the love." 

Sweet Moments

On Valentine's Day 2020, Jessica shared a sweet picture of Justin and their son Silas on Instagram. She captioned it, "My valentines. Love you guys to the moon."

Couple Goals

Jessica and Justin looked madly in love at her birthday party in March 2019.

Happy Independence Day

Justin, Jessica and son Silas celebrated Fourth of July 2019.

Mother's Day 2019

The trio enjoyed some time at the beach to mark the holiday.

Disney Magic

When it comes to Halloween night, Justin and Jessica always go all out. Anyone remember their Toy Story looks from 2017? 

Halloween Envy

"Happy Halloween from Poppy, Branch and lil Branch. We be Trollin'..." Jessica wrote on Instagram after Halloween 2016. 

A Mother's Love

"If that pic doesn't say ‘City Of Love' then I'm out..." Justin shared with his social media followers in July 2018. We can't help but agree. 

Costume Winners

"They got candy? LEGO!" Justin shared with his Instagram followers on Halloween 2018. 

Look of Love

"To my husband who I watch with awe everyday as he guides and teaches, encourages and supports, and above all, LOVES the sh$t, out of his own young man," Jessica wrote on Instagram. "Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. We can't do this parenting thing without you."


The famous trio dressed up as Batman, Robin and Harley Quinn for Halloween 2018. "This Halloween was one hell of a block party!" she shared on Instagram. "Happy Halloween from our LEGO family to yours."