Secrets From the Set of Batwoman: How Gotham Is Adjusting to a Missing Friend and a New Hero

Javicia Leslie, Camrus Johnson, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy and Nicole Kang weigh in on the new Batwoman ahead of the season two premiere on Jan. 17.

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Things are changing in Gotham City. 

When Batwoman premieres this weekend, Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) is gone and a new stranger named Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) is ready to take her place. Of course, it's not as easy as Ryan just putting on the suit and becoming the new Batwoman, since she's got a whole Bat team to convince of her worthiness. Everyone left behind has such a strong connection to Kate that she's got a hell of a task in front of her, and they've got some understandably complicated emotions about losing their former hero in whatever way she's been lost

E! News got the cast to spill some secrets directly from the set of the CW drama, and it sounds like no one is handling the sudden disappearance of Kate Kane very well. 

For Luke (Camrus Johnson), it's going to take some time. 

"I don't think Luke Fox does well with loss," he tells co-star Nicole Kang. "I think his dad passed away recently and is still very heavy on his shoulders. So losing someone else like Kate Kane, one of the only people that he trusts and believes in and sees as a friend...it's really hard for him to overcome and to understand, and it's gonna take him a while to fully get over it." 

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Mary (Kang) has lost her friend and stepsister right after finally getting to join the bat team, and she "has a lot of feelings." 

"Mary is trying to be strong for all of the people that she loves around her," Kang says. "But of course she's really struggling. And in private, she is trying to manage her feelings as best as she can." 

She's also hoping to stay on the bat team. 

"Mary is thrilled to be on the bat team. She's hoping they don't kick her off," she says. "But her skill set just being a doctor becomes incredibly important in season two, without giving anything away." 

Watch: "Batwoman" Cast Addresses Kate Kane's Disappearance

For Sophie (Meagan Tandy), Kate's disappearance is extra complicated and pretty devastating, given the romantic history between them. 

"Kate's disappearance for Sophie is just absolutely heartbreaking for her because there's just so much that was just left unsaid between the two of them," Tandy says. "When episode one starts, there's this big revelation of okay, Kate's, presumably dead...For Sophie, she's devastated. She's upset and she's feeling so much regret like, 'Oh my gosh, I should have said this to her when I had the time.' So Sophie's definitely not taking it very well at all." 

And then there's Alice (Rachel Skarsten), who had big plans at the end of season one to kill her sister. 

"Alice had huge plans at the end of last season to murder her sister, however, I don't think she would have actually gone through with it," Skarsten says. "But I suppose that's all conjecture now. Alice's plans, without spoiling too much, actually haven't changed that much. But that's all I can say." 

In the videos above, the cast reveals some truly juicy tidbits, like a team-up between Alice and Sophie and one particular scene involving Johnson, Kang, "a trained warrior and an assassin." There's also that little piece of Kryptonite that Luke is currently safekeeping that apparently becomes like a character on the show. 

As for the new Batwoman herself, she's living her absolute best life. 

"I'm a superhero. How dope is that?" she gushes. "Is there anything better than being a superhero?" 

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Hit play and tune in on Sunday, Jan. 17 for the premiere of Batwoman on The CW.