Stephen Colletti Reacts to Those Never-Ending Rumors About Kristin Cavallari

Stephen Colletti tells E! News exclusively about the viral photo of himself cuddling with ex Kristin Cavallari that spurred speculation about the pair.

By Ryan Gajewski Jan 12, 2021 5:40 AMTags
Watch: Stephen Colletti Reacts to Kristin Cavallari Dating Rumors

Stephen Colletti is taking a beachside stroll down memory lane. 

The star of the Hulu series Everyone Is Doing Great tells E! News exclusively about the recent Laguna Beach reunion, along with the rumors that pop up anytime he and ex Kristin Cavallari are spotted together. 

In October 2020, the cast of the seminal MTV reality series participated in a virtual event to encourage voter registration. In the new video interview, seen above, Stephen explains that none of the former cast members had any hesitation about reuniting for the first time in more than a decade.

"It was an awesome experience to see everybody, have everyone in the same spot," he tells E! News. "I don't think we've been in the same place in well over a decade—15 years now? Aging myself real quick."

As it turned out, the event strengthened the bond that they all share, in addition to reminding them how much they miss each other's company. 

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"We didn't really know how it was gonna be," he admits. "But when we all got in there, we were all kind of texting afterwards, like, 'Oh, that was fun, that was exciting. We all gotta figure out a way to see each other in the same spot sometimes.' Overall, just a very, very cordial group of people."


Next, Stephen fields a question about the fact that some fans seem to cling to the hope that he and Kristin Cavallari will someday rekindle their romance, much in the way that people might feel about other famous exes, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In August, Kristin shared a photo of herself with her arms around Stephen and added the caption, "2004 or 2020!?"

"I feel like you're referring to a photo that was posted on social media in that sense," Stephen replies with a laugh. "Because I don't know about 'Brad and Angelina.'"

The 34-year-old One Tree Hill alum makes it clear that he enjoys reconnecting with the former Very Cavallari star, who is currently dating comedian Jeff Dye. "It was good to catch up with Kristin," he says. "We have a good friendship."

Everyone Is Doing Great, which also stars One Tree Hill's James Lafferty, premieres on Hulu on Wednesday, Jan. 13.