Victoria Beckham Recalls the "Life-Changing Moment" She Knew She Had to Leave the Spice Girls

"While singing and dancing was fun for you, it wasn't your passion," Victoria Beckham confessed about her Spice Girls days. Read her candid letter to her future self below.

By Alyssa Morin Jan 11, 2021 9:50 PMTags
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Victoria Beckham is pulling back the curtain.

The former Spice Girls member recently lifted the veil on her personal and professional life with a unique feature on British Vogue that was published on Monday, Jan. 11.

The singer-turned-designer wrote an in-depth letter to her future self, in which she candidly opened up about running a fashion business amid the coronavirus pandemic, the moment she knew it was time to walk away from her Posh Spice persona and more. 

"2020 and 2021 are in the distant past, but you've carried the lessons of that time with you," she reflected, "I hope you are reading this on a beach, surrounded by all the people you love! Give them huge hugs for me (wait, am I the shortest in the family now?!). You've experienced more togetherness with your family than you ever imagined possible (all 293 days of it and counting), and it is something you'll no doubt cherish."

Spice Girls Through the Years

Before diving into her past as a pop star, Victoria first explained what's it's been like to run multiple businesses during these unprecedented times. Simply put, "Building a fashion and beauty business requires passion, tenacity, fearlessness; it's not for the faint-hearted."

"Building one in a pandemic was nearly impossible...," she added, "but I know you, and you will use this experience to grow and expand. The reality of being a mum, a wife, a friend, and a businesswoman creates a constantly shifting push-pull in life. But you think big, love the hustle, and you never take no for an answer."

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"Always remember your mantra," she shared, "'Work hard and be kind.' Do you have this embroidered on a pillow yet?"

The 46-year-old star then took a moment to discuss her time as a Spice Girl, and how Elton John played a role in her departure.

"Remember years ago," she began, "watching your dear friend Elton John on stage in Las Vegas. He performed 'Tiny Dancer,' as if it were the first time, and you realized this was like oxygen for him."

"It was a life-changing moment—while singing and dancing was fun for you, it wasn't your passion," she confessed. "That day, you started your quest to uncover your own dreams. It was time to step away from being a Spice Girl. For the first time, you were venturing out on your own, and it was terrifying."

Image courtesy of Victoria Beckham

At the time, Victoria said "it was scary to close a chapter that defined" her. However, she's proved time and again that she's not afraid to get out of her comfort zone. 

In 2019, the multihyphenate launched her eponymous beauty brand, which features everything from eyeshadows to serums. She even paid homage to the '90s girl group with a lipstick collection inspired by her Posh Spice days.

As she explained, "I know you are still reinventing yourself, taking on new challenges, and ignoring the naysayers. You always look beyond the conventional wisdom to pave your own path. First, you found this passion in fashion, and most recently, beauty. What comes next? I'm dying to know."

"Keep up the juggling act," she closed, "It's never easy but tremendously rewarding–a privilege."

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