A Nail Biter's Review of the Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Tidy looking nails for a fraction of the cost of going to the nail salon? Sign me up.

By Carolin Lehmann Jan 10, 2021 12:00 PMTags
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My new year's resolution is to stop my unsightly nervous habit of biting and picking at my nails. (Wish me luck.) So with nail salons closed, I tried something I never thought I would to stop the nail biting once and for all: press-on nails. For a DIY project, I have to say, this at-home manicure didn't turn out half bad.

I picked up the Kiss Gel Fantasy nails at the drugstore in a neutral tone I felt comfortable with, while doubting that they'd fit onto my tiny nail beds. But as it turns out, each box comes with a bunch of different nail sizes, so odds are they'll fit you too. Everything is included that you need, from nail glue (which I used rather than pressing them on) to a nail file. 


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They feel just like real nails, so you can trim them down and file them to look most natural. I ended up shortening even the short length ones I bought quite a bit. The result was nails that looked like acrylics, fresh out of the nail salon. And all that for under $10.

While it did take me quite a while to pick out my nail sizes and trim them down, it takes no more time than driving to the salon and having them done professionally. Plus, it saves a whole bunch of cash.

My tip for first-timers is buffing your nails a bit beforehand so the glue sticks for longer, plus avoiding putting glue at the end of the nail, because it will end up just sticking to your skin and feeling uncomfortable. The nails feel foreign for the first day or so, but then you get used to them enough to enjoy how perfect they look. Plus, best of all, your natural nails get the chance to rest and recuperate underneath if you're a nail biter like me.

So, my verdict? If you have an upcoming (socially-distanced) date or event, your next best bet to going to the nail salon is trying out the Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails. Shop the ones I used below!

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails in Ribbons

This is the exact set I used. The color looked natural on my fair skin tone and the shorter length flattered my small nail beds best. They promise to stay on for up to a week.

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails in If You Care Enough

I also love the super pale pink hue of these short nails.

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