Why Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo's Talking It Out Is Unlike Any Bachelor Nation Podcast

Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo have kicked off 2021 with a high note! The duo told E! News all the exclusive details about their new Bachelor Nation podcast.

By Beth Sobol, Alyssa Morin Jan 05, 2021 2:00 PMTags
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Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo's 2021 is off to a rosy start!

In an exclusive interview with E! News, The Bachelorette alums revealed they're joining forces to launch a new podcast called Talking It Out

However, the dynamic duo explains this won't be your average Bachelor Nation podcast because they're ready to discuss "anything and everything," including subjects that aren't always easy to share publicly.

"Mike and I, we wanted to bring two diverse individuals with different backgrounds together to explore all kinds of uncomfortable topics and unconventional viewpoints and thought-provoking conversations about love, relationships, family," Bryan tells E! News.

"I love the name Talking It Out because that's exactly what we're going to do—talk it out every single episode," Mike adds. "It's not a Bachelor podcast, it's not strictly a relationship podcast... It's going to be a podcast from the male psyche. That's what we'll bring to the table."

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In fact, Mike and Bryan's Talking It Out will be the first Bachelor Nation podcast that features not only two male hosts but two male hosts who are people of color.

"I think it will definitely set us apart—both of us being minorities in this country, coming from different backgrounds, cultures, upbringings," Bryan shares, adding that he and Mike are also at different places in their life when it comes relationships.

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While Mike is currently living that single life, Bryan has been married to Rachel Lindsay, who he met on season 13 of The Bachelorette, for over a year.

"We both have a lot of experience when it comes to love and relationships. I'm in a marriage, I have a lot of experience in the dating space in my past," Bryan points out. "Mike, he's going to be an intimacy coach. I think we're both going to bring our own unique perspective to the table. And, of course, we have the common bond of going through this amazing social experiment between men and women being part of the franchise."

Mike echoes Bryan's sentiments, saying their different perspectives is "actually the beauty" of their podcast.

"We're two different men at two different points in our lives," he explains. "I'm a single, young 30-year-old guy, Bryan is the much more handsome 40-year-old that's married. We bring completely different perspectives to the table."

On the topic of his love life, Mike jokes that it's very similar to Talking It Out. As he puts it, "I think of relationships kind of how I think of this podcast—Bryan and I are in different parts of the country, but we make it work thanks to technology."

"But I've also been given a little tip that when it comes to love," he confesses, "if you're always looking for it, it never comes. It comes when you least expect it. So I'm just focusing on me, focusing on the podcast, ready for it to come out."

As for Bryan, he couldn't help but rave over Rachel, who is ‎also a podcaster and co-hosts Bachelor Happy Hour with Becca Kufrin

At this time, the couple is still living apart, but Bryan notes their "relationship is stronger than ever." He explains, "She's out in Los Angeles doing her thing; killing it out there. I'm in Miami doing my thing."

"We spent a lot of time together during quarantine," he adds. "It was a very big shift being together all the time in lockdown, and then obviously separating as far as our careers are concerned. But our relationship is stronger than ever. We FaceTime every single day, multiple times a day."

The reality TV personality says he plans to head out to Los Angeles in the "near future" so they can "start our new life."

Talking It Out will debut its first episode on Jan. 11.

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