Bachelorette's Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Are Making a Big Change in Long-Distance Marriage

After months of doing long-distance with Bryan Abasolo, The Bachelorette's Rachel Lindsay announced they're going to be back under the same roof this spring.

By Elyse Dupre Dec 11, 2020 8:54 PMTags
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Rachel Lindsay just shared some rosy news!

After being in a long-distance relationship with husband Bryan Abasolo for months, The Bachelorette alum revealed they'll be back under the same roof this spring. The season 13 star gave the update during the Dec. 10th episode of the Whine Down With Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin podcast.

When asked about the challenges of living apart, Rachel acknowledged residing in different time zones can be tricky. She also said it was difficult to go back to living in separate states after spending so much time together in quarantine.

"If we didn't have quarantine and we were doing this, I would have been fine," the reality TV celeb said. "But just, I missed him so much. Just the little things, like waking up next to each other, being able to cook dinner—I don't even like to cook, but I did in quarantine—cooking for him, having a meal for him when he came home, playing board games. Just that time, that intimacy is what I missed so much."

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And while some couples have grown apart while social distancing, Rachel suggested her bond with Bryan has only strengthened.

"Not taking away from what's going on in the world and just focusing on me and Bryan, it was the silver lining in all of this for us because I'm always gone," she said. "So, it was like we're living this long-distance relationship and for the first time in our relationship, marriage, I was still and I was present."

Rachel said they were in Miami together for six months. "We were together every single day. We got into this routine," she explained. "And it can be a scary place because, as we see, a lot of couples didn't survive quarantine because you can't escape the relationship. You have to face the reality of it—the good, the bag, the ugly. And it's definitely all those things. But for us, we just kind of got back to the basics."


In fact, Rachel said they'd "gotten so used to each other" that they'd become "almost dependent in a way," something she hadn't expected.

"We've never had dependency in our relationship until quarantine, and we kind of liked it. I did," the 35-year-old said. "If you had told me, I would have said, 'No.' Experiencing it? Yeah."

Rachel moved to Los Angeles to begin working for Extra around Labor Day. Meanwhile, Bryan continued to focus on his chiropractic practice and nutrition and fitness businesses in Miami. And while the arrangement may not work for everyone, Rachel made it clear it's what works for them and that's what matters.

"I think the thing to remember is it's not ideal. We don't want it this way. We'd much rather be together, but we have a goal in our mind and we're laying the foundation for our family," she shared during an October episode of Bryan's show The Dr. Abs Healthcast. "So, I'm never going to apologize for that."

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