Kristin Cavallari Praises BFF Justin Anderson's "Pure Light and Love" After Adoption Revelation

Very Cavallari's Justin Anderson reflected on the response to his adoption story on Dec. 16, and pal Kristin Cavallari replied with a beautiful message of support.

By Ryan Gajewski Dec 17, 2020 2:31 AMTags
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Kristin Cavallari is offering her support to pal Justin Anderson after he shared his adoption story

Justin took to Instagram on Wednesday, Dec. 16 to reflect on his podcast appearance from the day before when he discussed reconnecting with his teenage son who he had placed for adoption. Kristin was quick to comment on the post and praise her bestie and former Very Cavallari co-star.

"You are nothing but pure light and love Justin," she wrote. "We all are lucky to have a little piece of you."

While guesting on the Scissoring Isn't a Thing podcast on Dec. 15, Justin shared that he and high school girlfriend Debbie had sex in his dorm room during his freshman year of college. He explained that because both of them had been raised in Mormon households, an abortion wasn't an option, so they placed the child for adoption. 

A few years back, Justin met his son Tyler, who was around 17 years old at the time and is now 19. Justin called meeting Tyler "the most beautiful experience ever," and they still keep in touch.

Kristin Cavallari & Justin Anderson's BFF Pics

In his Dec. 16 post, the celebrity hair colorist included an adorable childhood pic of himself and wrote that he "wasn't prepared for yesterday's emotions" that his story brought out in people. 

"to the people showing love and support- thank you," he posted. "to the people sharing their own stories of adoption- i appreciate and respect you. to the people from private accounts saying negative things- go kick rocks on the freeway, you're not welcome here. we all have a story and as much as i believe our past doesn't necessarily define who we are as adults, it definitely plays a role in who we get to be today."

He continued, "i am strong because i have struggled, i am wise because i have made mistakes, i am accepting and full of love because i have experienced otherwise. my sister and @caitlinrounds sent me this kid pic of me last night and it just reminded me that i'll always be the sweet little justin that always wanted everyone to smile and laugh and get along."

Justin, who came out to his family as gay before his junior year of college and is currently engaged to Austin Rhodes, ended the post with "xoxoDad," adding a winking emoji. 

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