Ben Higgins Reveals the Awkward Way His Fiancée's Dad Learned About Their Abstinence

When Ben Higgins revealed months ago that he and his fiancé Jessica Clarke are waiting until marriage for sex, the news made its way all the way back to the dinner table with his future father-in-law.

By Beth Sobol, Samantha Schnurr Dec 15, 2020 10:29 PMTags
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Let's just say this whole scenario is not exactly rosy. 

Bachelor Nation fans may recall Ben Higgins' headline-making admission back in April that he and fiancé Jessica Clarke are waiting until after they tie the knot to sleep in the same bed and to have sex

As he confirmed on Nick Viall's podcast, The Viall Files, months ago, he has not had sex "in the last, like, year and a half." At the time, Higgins and Clarke were quarantining with her parents and sleeping in separate bedrooms. As the revelation circulated online, the news eventually made its way to Clarke's father—in quite the cringe-worthy way. 

"It's not exactly what you want your future in-laws reading. I guess there are worse things for your in-laws to read, but you really don't want to be at the dinner table," Higgins told E! News exclusively ahead of January's Diamond Resort Tournament of Champions, in which he'll be playing. "I remember one night her dad was at the table. He runs a company and he said, 'Hey, the CFO of the company showed me an article today about you and Jess not sleeping together.' Come on now."

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The pair, who have have been dating long-distance since 2018, didn't intend for it to take this long to officially start their life together, but the bedroom boundaries have been beneficial.

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"When it comes to separate beds and not living together, it wasn't originally planned this way when we thought we were going to get married this year, but it's something we've found has been helpful for us as a couple and we're going to stick to it because it's been helpful," he explained to E! News. "I'm not saying everybody has to do it, but it's been good for us."

Plus, the wait will soon be over as they've already bought their first house together in Denver and are planning to finally exchange vows in 2021.

"It's going to happen in 2021. I'm telling you this right now," the former Bachelor said. "If it doesn't happen, I will be at a courthouse getting married. We're not going to live together until we're married and we dated long-distance now for two and half years. If I have to wait another year…no, no, no, come on."

In the meantime, the plan is for Clarke to start living in their new home while Higgins stays put at his current house until they're husband and wife. 

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"Right now, Jess is on her way to Denver. She's moving to Denver this week. We haven't told anybody yet, but we actually bought our first house together," he revealed. "She's only seen it once. So, tomorrow, that's what she'll be moving into and I'll be living in my house that I currently live in for a couple more months."

As for their last Christmas before tying the knot, it will be spent together in the same city. "We're going to go back to Nashville for the holidays to kind of pick up some of her stuff and celebrate Christmas there," he confirmed. "My parents have moved to Sanibel for the winter, so they're going to be down there for a bit. But, we're going to be with her family in Nashville."

The Diamond Resort Tournament of Champions will be taking place Jan. 21 through Jan. 24 in Orlando, Fla.

As for why Higgins is participating even amid the pandemic, he explained, "Everyone should be selective and everyone should be safe. Throughout the pandemic, golf has proven [to be] a safe sport, so that's one reason, right? If there's one activity that can be socially distant, you're safe, you're outside. The second is I know Diamond is going to do what they can to keep it safe. I have had to fly a few times during the pandemic and there are things you can do to keep yourself safe. And finally, my dad has some health issues and I'm asking him still to caddy for me. He wants to caddy for me and I would never do that if I didn't feel 100 percent comfortable with what they're doing at the tournament to keep us healthy."