Don't Be Tardy Sneak Peek: Is Brielle Biermann "Stepmom" Material?

In this Don't Be Tardy finale preview, Kim Zolciak-Biermann sounds off on her daughters' romantic lives.

By Alyssa Ray Dec 15, 2020 3:00 PMTags

Home sweet home.

In this exclusive clip from tonight's Don't Be Tardy season eight finale, the Biermanns are back home in Atlanta and are reflecting on their road trip adventure. As the family unpacks, including matriarch Kim Zolciak-Biermann's wig stand, Ariana Biermann drops a hint about an upcoming date.

Ariana asks, "What do I wear tonight?"

Kim comments in response, "Oh, you're going on a date—that's why you're in a great mood—with this new boy you met."

According to Kim, Ariana likes "those pretty boys."

In response, Ariana notes, "Yeah, I do. 'Cause, I like them pretty or else I don't even want to give 'em a hug."

Nice save, Ariana.

To the Don't Be Tardy camera, Ariana reflects, "Our whole goal for this trip: selfies and men."

During their "#ManHunt," it's revealed that the family found Brielle Biermann's "new boyfriend." In reality, it's just a looming animal skeleton.

Sorry, Brielle.

See Kim Zolciak-Biermann Twin With Daughters Brielle and Ariana

She quips in response, "You know what? He would be dead with my luck."

In another scene, Brielle and Ariana are seen getting ready to meet some guys. Once more, Ariana is struggling with a wardrobe decision.

"I can't figure out what to wear, Brielle," Ariana laments to her sister. "Because, like you know, we're meeting some boys. So, I'm like, maybe I shouldn't try hard."

Not on board with her sister's plan, Brielle makes it clear that they're "trying hard."

Brielle declares, "We need our butts and boobs to be out and perched for these boys."

As for Ariana? She just wants a guy "to like me for me."


Later on, Kim and husband Kroy Biermann reveal their stance on Ariana and Brielle's man hunt.

"I would think that if a guy was at a KOA he's probably there with his family," Kim tells one producer.

Kroy chimes in, "Maybe he's recently divorced and…he's taking his kids camping."

This comment surprises Kim, who asks Kroy if he sees Brielle as "a stepmom."

The answer: "Maybe."

He adds, "I'm a stepdad."

Hilariously, Kim reminds her husband that Brielle is "a different ballgame."

Watch the exclusive clip above.

The Don't Be Tardy season eight finale airs Tuesday, Dec. 15 at 10 p.m.

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