Kim Zolciak Gets Real About RV Sex With Husband Kroy, a Potential Return to RHOA & More

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Buckle up, because the Biermanns are back.

A brand new season of Don't Be Tardy premieres tonight on Bravo, and Kim Zolciak-Biermann herself stopped by Tuesday, Oct. 6's Daily Pop to give an idea of what's to come once the family of eight loads into an RV and embarks on a cross-country road trip.

But before Kim could describe just how wild things are going to get, E! co-host Justin Sylvester asked the question on many of our minds: "Who the f--k puts six kids in an RV and goes on a roadtrip?!"

"You know what, someone with a whole lot of that," Kim, who's married to Kroy Biermann, replied as she showed off her signature red Solo cup filled with wine.

Thankfully, Kim did have a lot on hand throughout the entire trip—40 bottles to be exact—though she might've been better off with more, as she explained she forgot to consider that her oldest child, 23-year-old Brielle Biermann, would probably like a drink or two...or three, or four. After all, she was crammed into an RV with siblings Ariana (18), Kroy Jagger (9), Kash Kade (8) and twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren (6).

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"We're very close any way and I think that's the only reason why we actually survived this entire trip," the Bravolebrity explained. "I mean, we definitely went through it, went through some very scary moments."

She continued, "We all grew. We had to during the six weeks in an RV. Like, we all shared one bathroom. Four boys...that's not good." 

Brielle and Ariana Biermann Reveal Who Got Bedbugs on Their Don't Be Tardy Road Trip
Gabe Ginsberg/Bravo

The cramped space was "not good" for a lot of reasons, but especially considering how Kim and Kroy can hardly keep their hands off each other! So how did they manage to have sex while on the road?

Justin guessed that the couple ventured into the woods, but Kim immediately shut that idea down.

"Hell no!" she responded. "That would never happen. I try to avoid the woods at all costs."

"But our room was actually in the very, very back," Kim added. "And Kroy made sure we had our own comfy mattress, I had my bedding that I love; my big, fluffy down comforter. So we were good."

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Don't Be Tardy is in its eighth season, but before the show premiered in 2012, Kim starred on a different Bravo series: The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kim was a main cast member on seasons 1-5, and made a brief return as a guest in 2016 for season 9.

Though she doesn't see herself joining the current cast—especially because OG housewives like NeNe Leakes aren't a part of the franchise anymore—Kim revealed that she would be interested in a reunion type of show.

"I think, and this has kind of just come to my mind over the last couple months, that the first season, all of us—Shereé [Whitfield], Nene and I—[we] were friends before this ever started for years; They should just bring back the whole cast from season 1 and like, 'Where are we now?'" Kim explained.

She continued, "Like, go out to dinner and do this all over again. Because I think we're really fun, you know, in all honesty."

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"But as far as going back now, for what?" Kim added. "For who? No. Shereé's not there. NeNe's not there. Like, no."

Watch the complete Daily Pop interview with Kim Zolciak-Biermann in the above clip to hear about everything from her wig collection—which she adds to "at least once a week"—to what she learned from her job at Subway as a teenager!

Don't Be Tardy season 8 premieres tonight, Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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