Paris Hilton Recalls All the Luxury Bags the Bling Ring Stole From Her

While more than a decade has passed since the Bling Ring infamously targeted its celebrity victims, Paris Hilton has not forgotten about all the designer bags she was forced to part with.

By Samantha Schnurr Dec 01, 2020 8:52 PMTags

Paris Hilton knows all too well that stealing is not hot. 

More than a decade ago in 2008, the fashionista was the first and eventual repeated target of a young group of thieves out of California now infamously known as the Bling Ring. All these years later, the mogul has not forgotten all the items they looted from her home, including prized luxury handbags.

"They literally came in here eight times when I was out of town, and every time they would pick up as much as they could fit in their arms," the 39-year-old recalled to British Vogue. "They stole like all my Birkin bags, all of my iconic Dior bags, my Louis Vuittons—anything that was designer, they took."

As Hilton put it, "It's heartbreaking because I'll never be able to replace any of that."

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Reflecting on her signature 2000s style, Hilton revealed she regrettably got rid of some iconic handbags that are now making a comeback. "There's so many things that I thought, 'This isn't in fashion anymore, just get rid of it,'" she told the website. "And now I wish I hadn't, especially my Dior monogrammed [bags]."

In fact, as fans know well, she got some organizing help back in the day from none other than Kim Kardashian.

"During the early 2000s, I actually got rid of a lot of my bags, because I just had so many that couldn't fit. When Kim had her eBay business, she helped me get rid of a lot of the things that I didn't need," Hilton recalled. "She was always very organized, and I'm like the most disorganized person in the world."

Not to fret, though, fashionistas, because the heiress still has a significant collection today. "I have kept some. I obviously have my Louis Vuitton bags that I love, the Fendi Baguettes, the [Dior] Saddle bags, all my Chanels," she confirmed. "I've been collecting Judith Leiber [bags] since I was a teenager, so I have a lot of those, which are very 2000s."

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