Dolly Parton Hopes to "Uplift People" With Christmas on the Square

By Alyssa Ray Nov 19, 2020 6:57 PMTags

Get ready for a "Holly Dolly Christmas."

On Thursday, Nov. 19's all-new Daily Pop, superstar singer Dolly Parton promised just that for 2020. As the "Jolene" artist shared with E!'s Scott Tweedie, she has plenty of holiday projects dropping this year, which she hopes will bring people joy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I'm going to be throwing a lot of stuff out there at you. This is really gonna be a Holly Dolly Christmas because I have a Christmas album out called Holly Dolly," Dolly noted. "And then, of course, we're so excited about this Netflix movie, called Christmas on the Square."

Christmas on the Square stars Dolly and Christine Baranski, who joined the chart topper on Daily Pop.

While continuing to discuss the film, Dolly joked that, when making the movie, they "didn't realize it was gonna be the COVID season instead of the Christmas season."

Regardless, Dolly was confident that Christmas on the Square will "uplift people" as the quarantine continues.

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On working alongside Dolly Parton, Christine called Christmas on the Square "one of [her] most favorite days of [her] career."

The Mamma Mia actress sounded off on her character, "I have to be mean to her. Can you imagine? I have been part of show business for a long time now, but that had to be one of my most favorite days of my career, just being sung to all day by an angel named Dolly Parton."

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TNT

For all of this and more, including Dolly's thoughts on doing Playboy again, watch the full interview above.

Christmas on the Square drops on Netflix on Nov. 22.

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