Why The Hills Made Dan Levy "Take a Hiatus" From Watching Reality TV

During a recent interview, Schitt's Creek's Dan Levy explained why reality television stopped being “magical” for him after The Hills.

By Mona Thomas Nov 19, 2020 3:37 PMTags
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Breaks from reality TV are sometimes needed, just ask Dan Levy

During a virtual Nov. 18 interview on The Tonight Show, the Canadian actor shared why he had to take a mini vacation from reality television shows prior to creating The Hills-inspired Schitt's Creek.

"I worked in reality TV before I did [Schitt's Creek]. I was working on MTV with The Hills for a long time, a show that some people might know," the Emmy winner told Jimmy Fallon. "And I was doing the after show for The Hills. And when you work so closely with a reality television show, and I loved The Hills, but it kind of takes the magic out of the experience of watching reality television ‘cause you kind of end up knowing too much about how it works."

Dan, who was also featured in People's Sexiest Man Alive issue as "Sexiest Man in Quarantine" continued, "So I had to take like a long hiatus and then quarantine happened, and I had quite literally watched every show on television, and so I finally just resolved myself to just accepting the fact that I only have reality TV left. Not to diminish the genre, but it started, and then it became a problem."

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The 37-year-old screenwriter and director revealed that he "started with a Real Housewives of Atlanta" and "ended with a Below Deck Mediterranean."

He also discussed his experience at the 2020 Emmy Awards back in September. It was Dan's first time receiving the prestigious award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

"We kind of describe it like, you know those kind of, like, ‘Host a Murder' board games where you invite a bunch of friends over, and each of you comes prepared with, like, ‘What's you're part? You're the doctor. You're the suspicious aunt,'" he explained. "It was like we were being hosted at one of those murder dinner parties, except we were all given the character of, like, ‘You're nominated for an award.' And then instead of someone getting murdered at the dinner, we just all got Emmys."

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