Celebrate Michael B. Jordan's Sexiest Man Alive Status by Looking Back at His Hottest Photos

After being named People's Sexiest Man Alive 2020, Michael B. Jordan spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about his title. Celebrate the 33-year-old star's new honor by looking back at his sizzling snaps.

By Johnni Macke, Elyse Dupre Nov 18, 2020 1:58 PMTags
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Michael B. Jordan is an actor, a producer and now People's Sexiest Man Alive 2020.

The magazine announced the news on the Nov. 17 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Host Jimmy Kimmel had the 33-year-old star come out covered up in a hazmat suit and had his voice altered. He then gave viewers the chance to ask a series of questions and guess who was in the suit. 

Once his identity was revealed, Jordan sat down with the 53-year-old host and was asked if he felt any extra pressure to look good given his new title. "I think that expectation now is, like, it's a little unreasonable, just a little bit," the Creed alum said. "But it's a cool title to have."

Jordan said he was notified of the honor after receiving a call from his manager and publicist. However, Kimmel pointed out he actually predicted Jordan would be a frontrunner all the way back in January.

"I feel like I put it out into the universe and the universe said, 'Yes, that is correct. He is the Sexiest Man Alive,'" Kimmel noted. "That's my ESP—my extra sexiness perception that I have."

In addition to talking about his Sexiest Man Alive status, Jordan, who succeeds 2019's titleholder John Legend, discussed his new movies A Journal for Jordan and Tom Clancy's Without Remorse. He also talked about his mustache named "Murphy" and more.

To celebrate Jordan's new title, check out his hottest photos in the gallery below.

Sexy Selfie

Michael B. Jordan used this sizzling snap to encourage people to vote in the 2020 presidential election.

Harness Your Hotness

The actor arrived at the 2019 SAG Awards wearing a Louis Vuitton harness and all we can say is, bravo.

All the Way Up

There's just something about guys and their gadgets! Michael B. Jordan delivers special Tom Clancy's Without Remorse themed gifts via an elite drone squad ahead of the film's debut on Amazon Prime Video.

Style Stud

We've never wanted to bundle up and head to Switzerland more than when we first saw this photo of Jordan all warm and cozy.

Well Suited

Come on, how can you not be attracted to this man in such a sleek suit?

Yes, Please

Jordan loves to work out and we fully support that passion.

Movie Buff

When the poster for Creed II was released we suddenly understood people's love of boxing.

Black Panther Pride

In February 2018, Jordan attended the Black Panther premiere in South Korea and his suit made him even sexier...if that's possible.

Super (Sexy) Villain

We know he's the bad guy, but if loving Jordan is wrong we don't want to be right.

That View

Just look at that view! Oh, the ocean's nice too.

Dapper Duds

Who knew a maroon suit was so stylish? Clearly, Jordan did.

Workout Buddy

The California native is always working on his fitness and we're not complaining.


Seriously, how does one get so hunky?

Oh, Hello There

We love Jordan's pose here, it's confident and a little cocky, which is a great combo.

City Boy

We could stare at this scene all day long.

Golden Moment

Tuxedos are always a good idea.

Beautiful Biceps

The 33-year-old actor steals the focus in this photo and it's all because of his buff arms.


If you've got it, flaunt it.

Cheeky Smile

It's official, Jordan's smile makes us go weak in the knees every time we see it.

Duke It Out

When the actor first appeared in Creed we were instantly grateful for how little clothing boxers wear. You know you agree!

The Champ

Even when he's been beaten up in the ring his rock-hard abs are ready to shine.

Futuristic Hottie

Jordan can be our fantastic hero any day.

College Crush

In That Awkward Moment the star won us over by embodying all of the traits of our college crushes and we need more of him ASAP.

Shirtless Wonder

Oh wait, you didn't ask for another shirtless photo of the studly actor? Too bad!

Man in Uniform

A guy in a football uniform? Sign us up!

High School Hottie

Even as a young actor on Friday Night Lights, Jordan knew how and when to show off his muscles and we are happy he hasn't changed his ways.